May 07, 2006

The Jenny Garcia Story


Looking at Jenny's lovely face, it is hard to imagine anyone would want to kill her. I didn't know her, and have only read about the story and thought of her family many times since the grizzly event was made public in Texas news. With all the talk of immigrant issues, her story was brought back to my mind, and I thought I would share it with others who might not have heard it. I would like to ask all of you who read it to remember her family in your prayers when you think of her.

On January 26, 2004, 18 year old Jenny Garcia was brutally murdered. She was a typical college student, a sister to two other lovely young ladies and a good girl. A man she had worked with at an IHOP in Austin had attacked her in her home and left her for her sisters to find with a butcher knife still in her chest. The man who had killed her, David Morales, was arrested the following day because he had been calling her friends asking about her to appear innocent. It later was released from the Austin Police Department that Morales was a known child-molester and an illegal alien who had already been deported and had returned to the United States. His own family had tried to file charges on him for molesting his younger cousin starting when she was four and continuing many years, but the police had discouraged this report from being made due to his illegal status. Even though the molestation charges against Mexican born Morales had been proven to be true, the Austin DA, Ronnie Earl decided not to press charges and let him walk. His violent nature and illegal status were known by law enforcement agencies, and nothing was done to prevent him from victimizing others - like Jenny Garcia. The Garcias were promised by Earle that Morales would get the death penalty... and when that didn't materialize, they filed a wrongful death suit against the city of Austin and IHOP.

Personally, I hope the Garcia family win their lawsuit. I'd also like to know what has become of Morales. I did some googling, but came up with only stale repeats of the original murder story. I know that winning the suit will not take back what Morales has stolen from this family... nor give Jenny her life back. Even so, justice should be served. It is strong people like Jenny's father who take a stand against bad government policy and make the USA a better place for others. I personally would like to apologize to him for my country's lack of concern for his family. I think we all need to shake off our apathy and take a stand against those who would seek to commit murder and mayhem inside our borders. A policy of "sanctuary" (many other cities besides Austin have these policies) is only a time bomb ticking away... and the innocent in our country are the ones who suffer it's wrath.

I would suggest reading the full story about Jenny and her family's fight against the City of Austin's "Sanctuary Policy" here and here.

May God give us wisdom and protect us... and may He heal the Garcias and bless them for their courage and strength in taking up Jenny's cause so that other innocent young girls don't have to suffer the same fate.

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Anonymous said...

This is a tragic story - I saw her parents interviewed on one of the news-talk-shows a while back. I don't follow, too closely, the immigration issue. But if I know anything about our fallen human nature, the trouble is that human beings just cannot seem to seek a "win-win." We're too busy looking out for "#1" to even consider the greater good. So, I wouldn't count on any man-made solution any time soon.

On the subject of this case, I believe Morales got 50 years on a plea after Earl had allegedly promised to 'seek' the death penalty - he could not have promised the Garcia family he would 'get' the death penalty. The wrongful death suit against Austin is related to the Sanctuary City status, more than anything.

I don't really know what Sanctuary City is supposed to mean, but I suspect immigrant issues need to be looked at case-by-case. There needs to be some kind of sanctuary for those who truly need asylum, after all, this is America.

I can't even begin to imagine this family's pain. However, in my opinion, this doesn't have as much to do with illegal immigration as it does inept law enforcement and politics.

Sprittibee said...

Cindy - I agree that most people are about as self-centered as you can get (including myself at moments), so I don't expect that all our "issues" will be worked out quickly. We'll probably still be dealing with the same ones or worse by the time Jesus' feet touch down on the Mt. of Olives. I'm glad I don't have to play mediator or judge, because I know God is the only one who can rule fairly.

As for the Morales sentence, I think it was very lenient considering that murder crimes usually only result in an average 45% of total sentence served per prisoner. That means that in 25 years or less, Morales (still young enough to commit more heinous crimes) could be a free man - unleashed back into Texas.

About the "Sanctuary City" policy, I would suggest reading the full story behind this. It is much more informative regarding Austin's policies and the details regarding the case than I could ever be. I, like you, have not really followed immigration that closely until recently. I've always felt that everyone - rich and poor - should pay equal taxes (flat 10% would be my suggestion because we should not be paying the government more than we pay the church)... and have felt that illegals should be required to pay them just like we do. But how in the world do you go about enforcing THAT kind of law when you can't even keep the border closed to TRACK the people going and coming?

Here's a short snip from the article I linked in the post about the reason Jenny's story is linked to the immigrant issue:

"Although the resolution does not go beyond saying that Austin will provide education and health care to illegal immigrants, “in practice, and by custom–which gives it legal implications, the city has instructed the
Austin Police Department (APD) not to ask anyone if they are illegally in the country, even after committing an infraction,” says Garcia. In a telephone interview, Craig Nelsen, lead attorney and director of Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement (FILE), a Washington-based advocacy group, made reference to a letter the organization sent in 2003 to three sanctuary cities–New York, Houston and Los Angeles–putting them on notice of their violation of federal law. The first provision outlined in the letter states: “Federal law clearly prohibits all state and local authorities from adopting any poli-cy that “prohibit[s], or in any way restrict[s], any government entity or any official within its jurisdiction from sending to, or receiving from, the Immigration and Naturalization Service information regarding the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any person. (Section 642 of the Illegal Immigration Reformand Immigrant ResponsibilityAct of 1996.) Thus, any state or local authority that adopts any form of sanctuary policy, whether de jureor de facto, is in violation of federal law.” This is the basis for a lawsuit Garcia is going to file against the City of Austin for the wrongful death of his daughter, Virginia “Jenny” Garcia Hayden. He also intends to file a lawsuit against the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) for lack of due diligence in their hiring process."

The full story is HERE. If you download the PDF file, you'll get lots of great photos of the Garcia family as a bonus. They are such a lovely family.

Can't wait to see you in Dallas!

Grizzly Mama said...

Oh Lord. What a sad story and I have to say that I've read many stories of innocent citizens being victimized by illegal aliens. She was a beautiful girl and didn't deserve this. Furthermore the man should have been dealt with after sexually abusing that little 4 y/old girl. What a shame that he was allowed to walk away from that.

I am very hot about the border issue right now. What our government is doing is similar to what the UK recently did when it released a slew of violent illegals back into the population. It makes no sense - no sense at all. I think this is going to be a huge issue in coming elections.

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you for caring enough to have Jenny on your website. Jenny was my best friend in high school before she moved to Texas. It means a lot to me that you all care so much about her and her family.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks for commenting Monicar.

Melissa - thank you so much for your boldness to comment. May God bless you and heal your heart. I can't imagine loosing a best friend... especially one as special as Jenny and in such a horrible way. I hope that one day you get to see your Jenny again on "the other side" in heaven! Thanks for reminding me once again to remember her family in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I knew her in high school and wored with her at the Ihop in north Austin. We instantly bonded because we were both from Spain. What are the odds of that? she was such a sweet and wonderful person. I was so sad when I found out this out. I hope this man suffers for what he did. and I hope her youngest sister was able to heal (not that you can ever completely recover) from seeing her sister in that way.

attaque de paix said...

I am actually friends with her sisters
and I am astonished at their beauty and experience. [One of them actually lives near me]

I totally agree with your blog, I just happened to come across it.

It is so good to know that there are others who understand and empathize.
Thank you.

She is missed, even by people who never knew her.


Sprittibee said...

Thanks ycristina84 and andrea for stopping in to comment. Her story really touched me and her smile is so contagious. I pray that her sisters and parents are doing well. What a tragic loss. I blame the police and state for not deporting or permanently incarcerating that child molester that killed her. I think any illegal who commits a crime should be deported directly to a Mexican prison... or put away here indefinitely to work as a prison laborer in the USA. In the case of first degree murder, I back the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

I probably knew Jenny when she was a little child in Spain and his father Humberto was my English teacher and a kind of friend.

I lost contact with Humberto a lot of years ago, last thing I knew is that he was back on the States, but early this year I knew about his death just surfing the net, and following the threads I found this news about his daughter.

I'm really sad to read about it.

Katelan said...

Jenny was my closest friend and I miss her still. I imagine there are many, many people who are all still thinking of her and still missing her just as much. She was the kind of person who made a positive impact in the life of absolutely everyone she knew, and she will never be forgotten. I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this, but all my love and support to the Garcia family and all of Jenny's friends. ~KW

Katelan said...

Jenny was my closest friend and I miss her still. I imagine there are many, many people who are all still thinking of her and still missing her just as much. She was the kind of person who made a positive impact in the life of absolutely everyone she knew, and she will never be forgotten. I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this, but all my love and support to the Garcia family and all of Jenny's friends. ~KW

Anonymous said...

I worked with Jenny! what a bright light! you will never be forgoteen but will always be missed!




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