October 26, 2007

Field Trip Foto Friday: Old State House Museum - Little Rock, AR


The Arkansas Old Statehouse is a charming white building with its Greek-inspired columns and beautiful black accents. When we first saw it, it seemed to beckon us inside. That was before I even knew it was a museum; back when we first arrived in Arkansas in 2005. When I discovered that it was on the trolley route and admission was FREE, we made plans to go and explore it.

The museum there boasts exhibits that tell of famous Arkansans and spotlight antique artifacts from early America. They have rooms which are decorated in the design styles of the past and in one of these rooms you will find a Confederate Seal behind glass. In a hallway, lit by the nearby window, there is a bust of Thomas Jefferson. Behind glass you will find a colorful exhibit of Hillary Clinton's evening gowns along with photography of the Clinton family.


Other things you will find of interest are... Arkansas Native American artifacts and pottery, local artwork, local history exhibits, and a room full of antiques set aside for children to play with and touch.


When we visited, they had the 'TRY US Arkansas and the U.S.-Mexican War' exhibit. We enjoyed watching the film that explained the history behind the U.S.-Mexican war and enjoyed seeing the artifacts, which included: war uniforms, weapons, posters, maps, flags and paintings.


Over all, we felt that the Arkansas Old State House Museum was a fun way to spend some free time in Little Rock. It costs nothing but your time and is a wonderful place to learn about a time gone by.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! Is there a photo-blogger award? Anyway, I do have an award for you at my place; and you do deserve a photo-blogger award as well. :-)



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