September 20, 2010

I'll be Chatting at The Motherhood today at 11 Central - about Pregnancy & Motherhood

Check out this email from The Motherhood and join me at 11am!

New and expectant moms!!!!

At noon ET TODAY in TheMotherhood, we're sharing our tips, tricks and words of wisdom - everything we wish we'd known early on when we had our babies.

Everyone is welcome! Even if your baby days are behind you - come give the best gift a new mom could ever receive - our most treasured words of wisdom.

Date and Time: TODAY, Monday, at noon ET (9:00 a.m. PT) here in TheMotherhoood:

Sponsor: The Talk is sponsored by Philips AVENT who is giving away an AVENT gift basket to a lucky participant.

Hosting the conversation: Dr Jen Trachtenberg, pediatrician and attending physician at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City

Co-hosting are these wonderful mom bloggers:

Aracely Worley aka Daytripping Mom

Beth Knudsvig aka Anti-Supermom

Casey Mullins aka Moosh in Indy

Christine Koh aka Boston Mamas

Heather aka Sprittibee

Jenna Gaskill aka A Mom's Balancing Act

Jennifer Bullock aka MommyB Knows Best

Jenny Rapson aka Mommin' It Up

Tricia Callahan aka Once A Month Mom

Victoria Mason aka The Mummy Chronicles

Location: Noon ET in

The chat is all text (no phone or video). Join the conversation or just read along.

Any friends who are pregnant or new moms, send them our way!!!!! We would really LOVE to see you all there!!!!

Cooper & Emily


P.S. On Twitter, the hashtag is #TheMotherhood.


Sprittibee said...

It was a great talk. Here are some highlights:

Anonymous said...


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