October 31, 2005

Houses, Houses, Houses

Well, we've seen our share of the real estate market here in this town... and we've found quite a few that were to our liking. We lost out on a contract last night for a little two-story, New-England style (built in 1966) bungalow with a high roof pitch, gobs of curb appeal, hard wood floors, chic crystal light fixtures, faux leather and plaster wall treatments, and three bedrooms with reading nooks in each! I had a feeling we wouldn't be the only contract they got after the open house ended. When I heard they got another contract, I had a feeling our deal (asking for closing allowance) would not be the one they accepted. I'm chalking it up as God's will and trying to keep my chin up.

There is another house we saw yesterday that we are going to make an offer on today. It is built down the side of a hill (scary), and the back part is considered basement. It has four bedrooms, and a lot of extra space. It has potential, but the view from the street leaves little to be desired. Maybe a good coat of paint (even over the bricks) and some landscaping can turn this house around?

If this deal falls through, I'm going to turn in that apartment application. No more of this house hunting for me. I'm ready to end our "break" and return to a regular schedule. Mom is gone, and got home safely to Texas. We miss her a lot. I am running some errands today and we are eating in our hotel room to save money (went out and got groceries). Thank the Lord this hotel has a little refrigerator and microwave. I'm giving up reading food labels and being healthy somewhat - you have to make allowances when you have no stove, counter tops, or pots and pans.

Keep us in your prayers. I have a short prayer list for today if you don't mind adding it to your own:
  • Our housing dilemma
  • My friend Ammie's Dad and her husband's job
  • My cousin Brooks who is out of a job and pretty depressed
  • My friend Christi's family (just went through a divorce and her husband isn't doing well)
  • My mom's hand and her financial situation
  • India and Pakistan and those suffering there
  • A lady in our hotel who's daughter had a transplant last week
  • For us to find a church home here
That's what's on my mind today. I think I'm going to see if I can find a library and call a homeschooling friend to make plans for tomorrow.

God bless to all.


Jan said...

Hey Heather. Knowing that God is in control, and knowing that this will only last for a season, and knowing that God has His reasons, doesn't completely take away the emotional impact as you live this experience moment by moment. Your situation is so difficult.
Although our experience was so much less than your's, I remember feeling close to tears many times, and wondering HOW I could keep going. Thankfully, God's grace is greatest when we need it the most.
So....Father, you do not ask more of us than we are able to handle. You know how difficult this situation is for Heather and her family. You are not unaware of their emotions of feeling stressed out, and closed in. Bless her today with words of affirmation and truth. Give her hope that this is only for a season. You are the master of divine appointments and I pray you may connect her with people who can support them, or give them direction. God, we know that you can level mountains. You are a God of the impossible. Let your name be glorified in the amazing details of how you direct this situation for Heather and her family. In Jesus name.

Sprittibee said...

Thank you so much, Jan. :)



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