January 30, 2006

Everything that can go wrong... will.

Well, it's been 8 months that I have been a faithful blogger. I have enjoyed it. It started out as a fun little hobby, and through the past eight months, has become an enjoyable JOB. I've added bells, whistles, and what-nots to my site... and recently, the geocities storage dump I have been using has exceeded it's tiny (FREE) data transfer limit because there are so many visitors viewing my files. Visitors are great, don't get me wrong... but most of the ones who come by at this juncture in cyber-time will only see a shell of a front page here at Sprittibee... with many empty boxes where my photos and files once were.

I'm not sure how to remedy the problem.... seeing as how I don't want to pay geocities by the month to host my pictures (although I may have to at this point to keep my blog running), and I don't want to move my blog to my own server just yet (my computer-man/husband is not wanting to spend his weekend setting that up). I did get some offers to help me with a little decorating, but I can't tackle it right now.

So..... Does anyone have any ideas on easy file uploading and storage where I could put a few accessible PDF files (that don't have to be downloaded to be viewed in the browser window) and photos for the blog? Maybe that would solve the problem in the short term.

Soon, I plan to clear up some of these technical issues (in-between homeschooling, homemaking, and deskwork). Tomorrow and Wednesday are our days off this week, so maybe we can get to some of it then. In the mean time, please forgive my empty photo boxes and annoying warning messages from geocities if you try and download a PDF file or see the images on my site. Just wait a while and come back later... the site will still be here (hopefully improving daily).

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Amber said...

I'm not positive, but I think you can do that at HSB..hehehe.
Kris from ClassicalEducaton4me would probably know. (the pdf thing)

Anyway, I don't know how well you know people at HSB, but I'm having a contest and your more than welcome to enter:)

God Bless,



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