March 15, 2006

Rotten Attitude

Sorry about the absence. I was hoping it would make your hearts grow fonder. Ha. Just kidding. I have been staying away to get things done in our homeschool, spend more time with the kids.... and quite honestly, because I've had a really rotten attitude lately. I didn't want to drag you all through the muck with me. I have been working on being thankful despite my circumstances. I thought about posting yesterday, but then thought better of it. We had an awful day. I've been spending extra time in prayer and trying to get my attitude straight.

I feel better today. It is such a pretty day. We walked to the grocery store a while ago, and we are about to sit down and do a few Konos activities. We're working on the Solar System unit right now. There's a really great video by Carman for his song, "There is a God" that would be so wonderful to show during this unit. My huge CD collection and all our VHS videos are in storage in Texas, however. I looked into buying it from Carman's website, and would not mind doing so (since the other copy I have was a friend's TBN home-vhs recording from broadcast television or cable)... but I just don't want to spend extra money right now when we are trying to pay off all our debt.

We had a Solar System kick off party with our co-op that another mother organized. My kids were Venus and Saturn in the play. You should have seen Morgan hiss at the audience without fear, "MAKE NO MISTAKE! I am DEADLY with all my GASSSSESSS!!!!!" She was a hoot! Kaden did well, also. I enjoyed the party, and we look forward to many more fun activities with our group. It has been a nice oasis in the desert of our exhile from Texas to have homeschool friends here. Of course, we miss our friends from Texas still... but at least we are not crying in our cowboy beans all by our lonesome. Speaking of cowboy beans... I need to get them on the stove. Then we are off (a mere few feet from my bedroom to the living room) to make a size-related model of the solar system and tack it to the ceiling in order of distance from the sun!

Keep us in your prayers. Housing prices are ugly and our credit isn't perfect anymore after the 8 month wait on our house selling last year and the expensive move out of state last fall. We may be stuck in our little match-box apartment a while longer.


Patricia said...

That solar system play must have been the cutest thing! Gosh - I sure do miss having little ones around - and all the fun we had with Konos. I still have the model solar system we created out of different size styrofoam balls. It wasn't that long ago that I finally took them off the ceiling where they had collected years of dust bunnies! =) Blessings ~ Patricia

My Boaz's Ruth said...

It is okay to make new friends in new places (or even in old)

Remember the old Girl Scout song?

"Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
and the other's gold"

My Boaz's Ruth said...

As for houses. AFTER selling our previous house, I learned to get the best rates, etc one has to be in their current line of work for two years.

Since we aren't planning on buying again until my husband changes jobs -- and if I have kids I won't be working, this will almost certainly come out to bite us.

Douglas said...

Have you been following the story of water discovered on Enceladus, that moon of Saturn.

Do you believe that man will travel to other planets? My wife and daughter were uninspired by such a prospect.

Did God intend for man to go to other planets? Some say that if God intended for man to go to other planets, He would have made him able to live on other planets. I say that if God intended for man to not live on other planets, He wouldn't have given him a brain.

Sprittibee said...

Patricia - yes, I've been sad about the kids growing up so quickly. Even at 7 and 9, they are not babies anymore.

My boaz's ruth - Thanks for the reminder... I needed that little Girl Scout poem. And yes, the housing thing is depressing. We looked at a house "in our price range" this morning and it was awful.

Douglas - I find outer space to be one of the most awe inspiring things to study that there is. Although, I certainly would not be one that would want to take up residence outside of good 'ol Earth... I might enjoy traveling to the moon. Go for it! That's what I say!

Neil Armstrong's wife says the most important space in today's age is the space between our ears. :) That's why we homeschool.

MonicaR said...

You're doing just a beautiful job and with all of the frustrations and difficulties. I'm giving you a pat on the back - you deserve it Sprittibee!

JohnE said...

Sounds good. Did they sing the song about the Sun?




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