April 01, 2006

To Buy or Not To Buy

Well, it's almost been six months since we moved out of state and into our little apartment (our lease is up in early May). We have that cabin fever again - almost as bad as we did when we were stuck in the hotel room. I have been really depressed about the housing prices here, but we are considering buying a house since Kevin doesn't think he can get a transfer back home for quite some time. I certainly don't want to do anything that God doesn't want us to do.... so I'm staying in prayer about this. Unless we find a larger apartment, it looks like buying a home here will be our next step.

Even in this little apartment, though... I'm feeling the need to "Spring Clean". I admit that it would be a lot easier if the place were new and nice (and spacious). When we moved in here, I was appalled by the carpet. So, it is hard for me to get motivated about cleaning this little dirty place (since most of the "dirt" is no fault of ours) when we used to live in a brand new, very big, very CLEAN house. But, that's stinking thinking at its finest - and I refuse to sit on my "pity potty". I'm hoping my friend in our co-op can help me with the stains on the floor and we can make a trip to our storage unit in Texas with a few car-loads worth of junk in May when we return home to Texas. I'd love to re-claim my living room/entry area and get rid of the extra boxes and things that just wouldn't fit here.

Speaking of cleaning... this post was inspired by Dandelion Seeds - who has a very interesting Bible-Study Program going on called: Clean Heart Clean Home Challenge. Go check it out! I just printed my copy of her 77 page planner/study (PDF file). Enjoy!

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My Boaz's Ruth said...

Wish I was closer.

I'm not exactly fond of cleaning or anything, but somehow I always enjoy doing it with a friend and the task is much easier with help!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks myboaz's Ruth. That's sweet of you. It's not the cleaning that is hard, though.... it's the motivation to WANT to clean this place. The carpet is hiddeous and there are so many THINGS crammed in here that it is hard to move around everything. Plus, our REAL vacuum cleaner is in storage, so we've been using one of those cheap 20$ Wal-Mart versions... and it is broken now. YUCK.



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