May 01, 2006

Lesson Plans, Money and Meltdowns

I've been getting in here later and later each day. It seems like life takes off like a rocket in May and keeps your head spinning. I've got piles of projects waiting to be finished from our entire school year, mountains of paperwork to grade, lists of schoolwork we have yet to finish, lesson plans yet un-scheduled... and all we can think about is the lovely weather outside. Today we hardly got five things accomplished. We had one of those melt-down days that really wasn't inspiring enough to post about (hence the silence). A lot of it was my own fault. I should have planned ahead (like FlyLady always says). I should have had my clothes ready to pop into, my sink shining, and my routine ready. I got out of bed late this morning and instead of feeling like we accomplished much, all day we were playing catch-up.

Another thing that has been occupying my thoughts is the trip we're planning to Texas in a week or so. I've been using mileage calculators, estimated gas prices per city, menu planners to gauge how much money we'll need for food, and online trip planners. This trip is going to cost me more than I had previously figured. Gas mileage is not my vehicle's best feature, to say the least. Of course, factoring in the food and groceries needed to keep the natives happy in the back seat is also not as cheap as it used to be. I've been trying to imagine going without a trip to the grocery store for two weeks to eek out enough change to fill the tank up. We may have to get reeeeal creative with our menu at home until NEXT Wednesday. Maybe our Unit Study should be on "Living Through the Great Depression". I could make them stand in a line at the "Soup Kitchen" and put them to work scrubbing floors by hand (hey, not a bad idea!).

Anyway... Since I'm up past my bedtime tonight (although my clothes ARE laid out for tomorrow and my sink is shining), I thought I would share with you the plans we have written down for tomorrow (even though I know it is impossible to get to all of them):



Bible - Sing a Hymn, Finish our Bible Sticker Book - on Jesus, Review Memory Verse (Sing and Act it Out), Do a Bible Drill (time kids as they find a passage), Read from Genesis where we left off yesterday

Prayer - Write in Prayer Journals, Pray as a Family

Chores - Beds, Bath, Dressed, Clothes & Shoes, Room Picked up, Help with Kitchen & Laundry, Pet Care (Feed and Sweep Cat Litter), Keep School Supplies/Toys picked up, Any additional chores assigned

Science - Watch Video on Volcanoes Kaden picked out at Library last week, FINALLY HANG THE DRATTED SOLAR SYSTEM ON THE DRATTED WALL (*Geeeesh!*)

Math - A Beka Math Workbook Pages and Test/Speed Drill, Kaden to draw Times Table, Morgan to do $ Money Worksheets

Geography - Review South American Countries/Flags/Capitals, Color South American Print-Out, Listen one more time to South American Jingles (Visualize World Geography)

Reading - Read a few Library Books and Season Related Poems per KONOS Unit, Go drop books at Library and see if they have "The Secret Garden" to start as a Family Read-Aloud

KONOS ACTIVITIES - 7 Activities per KONOS Seasons Unit (too much to type, sorry!)

PE - Walk with Daddy in the Morning or Walk to Store with Mommy (*Note to self: Call gym about sign-up dates for May Swim lessons)

Art/Crafts - Finish Rock Painting or Llama (don't laugh... my self-esteem can't take it)

Typing - Mavis Beacon lesson/game on computer (both kids)

Language/Writing - Make a chart of the names of the days of the week in Latin, Greek, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, French, English and Spanish... Write a Thank You letter to Aunt Christi and a pen-pal letter to her boys... Write a letter to Papa B., Sing days of the week in Spanish (and months), 1 Grammar worksheet from generic workbook from Sam's Club

Vocabulary/Spelling - Learn next section (sect. 2) words of Season Unit - write words and look up definitions/write them off of


OK, now I'm off to bed. I'm setting my alarm to get a head start tomorrow so we don't have another melt-down. You would think that with all my wonderful advice, I would have learned to follow it by now! Not always so! *sheepish grin*

Sorry for drooling my thoughts out on the screen tonight. I'll try to be more professional tomorrow when I've had some sleep and finished off a SUCCESSFUL day at homeschool! Have a great night and I'll "chat" with you tomorrow.

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Barbara said...

hey no fair!!! i wanna see the KONOS activities! lol!

do you use Homeschool Tracker? it looks tempting ;-)

be blessed!

Sprittibee said...

Sorry about leaving the Konos activities out. After I get far enough along in my season unit, and get to the "Walk Through the Year" portion, I probably will share some Konos planning in here. I'm really looking forward to the next section of this unit (although this detail portion with the Science/Math is not as fun for me, so we are dragging it out).

I have heard Homeschool Tracker mentioned, but don't know much about it. Can you fill me in? :)



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