May 31, 2006

Updated Post - Planet Unit & Blogsurfing

Wanted you all to know that I updated our planet post with a photo of the solar system we hung on the ceiling. It's not much, but the kids learned a lot from it. It was a paper model done to scale (comparing the sizes of the planets to each other) and hung on the ceiling to scale of the distances the planets are from each other and the sun. They did a great job coloring them also (teaching them what they look like as well). The photo is a little lacking, however... there's no way to get the entire set of planets in there when Pluto was in the living room and the inner solar system was over the dining table. In the picture, the children are standing on the table and it looks like Kaden is wearing a big glowing hat. Reminds me of the pope and a funny story that I'll have to share some other time. Please disregard my lack of photography skills and enjoy the photo. I also added a link to the links section that my husband sent me after he decided to find out if our model was correct (a site that allows you to interactively choose a planet and compare it to the sun by size). Pretty cool site, if you ask me. Enjoy!

I'm digging out from under a pile of paperwork (grading, record keeping, mail, bills, checkbook...), so I'm posting light tonight. Please forgive me. Below is your second peek at the new upgrade to my blog that will be unveiled June 8th.


I have also listed a few bloglinks to bloggie friends that you might enjoy (I did). Lots of other people have some funny and inspiring things to say out there in this blogosphere.

Hop on over and check out these priceless posts:

  • Beth at the the brew*crew adventure gives a list of famous homeschool students.

  • Headmistress Zookeeper at The Common Room did a fine job of posting this week's Homeschool Carnival.

  • The Terrible Speller has some suds-covered kids and it looks like they are having fun in their new kiddie pool.

  • The BEST MOVIE REVIEW EVER for the absolute WORST MOVIE EVER. Always fresh and funny at Nehring the Edge! I am so ashamed that I watched 3/4 of this flick! Hey, at least I wasn't a Christian back then. Don't judge me.

  • Cuteness alert: LJC's furry friends are eating watermelon. Yep, a CAT and a DOG eating watermelon. I didn't think this was possible either. Photographic evidence is here.

  • Glenn at Unite Later (Procrastinators of the World - Unite Later) has a funny Southern blogger post: "Freeze a Yankee". Sorry to my Northern pals!

  • My friend Cindy admits that she knows how to kill a person with a plastic creamer bottle and a key. Always a laugh to pick you up at Obstreperous Heart.

Those should keep you busy! Now I'll have time to grade more papers tomorrow.

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terrible speller said...

thanks for including me!

Oh, and thanks for all your helpful info about homeschooling. You so amaze me.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

hey! I blogged about that song on my blog last October

It's one of my fond childhood memories.

Even if I do live in Washington now.

Cindy said...

Hey there,

I'm glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for the plug.

Can't wait to see your (blog's) new 'skin.'

Take care, girlfriend!


Sprittibee said...

Terrible Speller: Hey girl! I just loved those photos and the pool looks fun enough for even big kids like me. :)

Myboaz'sRuth: My husband got the biggest kick out of those lyrics. Growing up in Houston, you would think he would have heard them before (the song came with a Luv Ya Blue Oilers song on the back). We enjoyed a chuckle reading it. I'll have to stop over and read your post about it.

Cindy: You are welcome, my friend. Your blog always keeps me laughing. I wish I had half your talent for making people smile. Peace to you, too... and Perfect Paella, every time!



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