May 09, 2006



We are headin' to Texas tomorrow! SIX FLAGS HERE WE COME! I'm sure I'll be in to visit a time or two, but posting will be sparse. I had a few things I wanted to post for tomorrow....
1. Thursday Challenge (I'll post that in the morning before we leave)
2. My event ticker that I should have had running for the last three months while we've been counting the days ourselves (see below)


3. A link for all you Texas homeschoolers out there, or those just wanting to learn a little more about the Friendship State. Here's Enchanted Learning's Tejas Page. ...And NO, Tejas isn't Spanish for Texas!

Have a wonderful week next week in case I go AWOL (a week-long online lapse) for the entire vacation. Not likely, but hey - stranger things have happened. God bless.


bigwhitehat said...

Hope you weather is good. Welcome home.

bigwhitehat said...

BTW any map that doesn't have Odessa on it is worthless.

Amanda Mosley said...

Have a save trip!!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. We'll miss you.


Sprittibee said...

Thanks BigWhiteHat. Sorry about the Odessa thing. We've got family in other cities that aren't on the map as well. Completely understand. ;)

Thanks Amanda. We sure are excited. Hope it doesn't rain us out at the park.

By the way, guys... a friend of mine just called to tell me that a baby in an Austin hospital in Texas was stolen this morning. Please pray that it is returned to it's parents!

Amber said...

You should have told me, you could have picked me up along the way. I love 6 flags *sigh* Have fun and ride a roller coster for me will ya:)

God Bless,

Sprittibee said...

Sorry Amber! :(



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