October 03, 2006

Updated Homeschool Series

I've updated my big homeschool series post with all the most recent First and Second grade information. I still have two more posts to complete and I'll be done with getting our third year of homeschooling (2004-5) recorded here. Check it out at the link under the title of this post.

I'm glad to be reclaiming my blog after all these contests and such. I appreciate all of you for participating and stopping in to encourage those that did. Be sure to check out my TOS tips this month also. I'm dual posting there during the week-days until the 13th.

Up next:
Post #5 - Favorite KONOS Memories from First and Second Grade
Post #6 - KONOS Election/Presidents/Government Unit Fun

Have a great Tuesday!

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Sheri said...

Hey chickie, I noticed you are on the schedule for a blog Carnival in November. What a surprise!! I thought that last one plumb wore you out!

Sprittibee said...

What can I say? I don't know how to say NO. When Henry asked me a few months back, I thought maybe by November I would be recovered. ;) Little did I know how fast November would get here!

Sheri said...

Well bug me, I have to tell you, I don't understand the carnival at all (are they themed? Or do we just share something we want to share about homeschooling? UGH! So confusing!). I will be sure to submit if I can figure it all out! HA!

Sprittibee said...

Sheri... yes, you just submit your best (or most instructional, or most funny, or most encouraging...) post for the week/month/year and get it there before EVERY MONDAY NIGHT AT 6PM. ;) No magic... except that which is done between your brain and your fingertips on the keyboard! Even when there are themes (which some people, like yours-truly enjoy quite a lot), you do NOT have to submit a post that FITS that theme (even if you are pleaded with and bribed to do so, as in the case of one very headstrong wild-western carnival host!). ;)

I hope you'll submit a post for the carnival I host in November. Remember to get it in by the 13th at 6pm!



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