October 21, 2006

What a Day...

We were gone all day on errands, a field trip, grocery shopping, lunch with Daddy (he had to work), and eating dinner at Mc Donalds. I got the call this morning that Canon had only minutes to live. I got the call this evening while I was at the grocery store that he had died. I have had him on my mind all day. I know so many of you are wondering what has happened with this little boy and have had him in your family prayers. I just updated his blog, but his mama put a post this afternoon on his hospital site that he passed away this morning. Here below is her post, and the links to the other sites where it was posted.

Please, please pray for Carla, her mother, and her other son and daughter. She needs your prayers to get through tonight the days ahead. If you feel led, please donate to Canon's trust fund so that she can pay off the huge medical bills and funeral expenses.

May God bless you all for your concern and compassion.

Galatians 6:2 - Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

~ Mama Loves You Canon ~

Canon my beautiful angel from heaven passed away this morning. He had two major bleeds last night in his brain. Doctors could not do anything for Canon. I along with family and friends were with him when he died.

Thank you so much for all your prayers during this tough time. Canon is now playing baseball, football, basketball, and drinking all the Sprite he wants.

Love, Carla

Other Quick Links:
Canon's Caring Bridge Site
Canon's Blog
Canon's Trust Fund

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Spunky said...

Somethings are just beyond our scope of understanding this side of heaven. I am praying for this family in their time of sadness.

Anonymous said...

It just breaks my heart to hear this. I only learned of Canon about a week or so ago and I have been praying for them. It's always devastating to hear that a child has passed. We just have to remember that he is with God and as his mom said, sipping on a bottle of sprite. I admire her spirit.


RegentLawWife said...

My favorite aunt put it this way:

"Yes, [our loved one] is in Heaven now and everything will be okay. I just wish it didn't rip our hearts out."

I'll keep praying for Carla and her family and friends. Jesus is our only hope.

Bless you all tonight. ((hugs))

Frannie Farmer said...

Thank you again for the updates. I am so grateful that I got even a moment to read about Canon before he passed.
His family is in my prayers.

Teresa said...

Thank you Heather for ALL your support during this time of need. Thank you for watching my children while I was with Carla at the hospital. Thank you for all your prayers and phone calls. You are such a great friend. I thank God for putting our paths together may the Lord continue to build our friendship in the future.
I love Ya,

Sprittibee said...

Spunky, thanks for your thoughts, comments and especially your prayers.

sherry- I also am amazed by Carla's devotion and strength. I hope to get to know her in the future.

regentlawwife - What an awesome quote. Very true. Thank you for praying.

Frannie - thanks so much. That is sweet of you.

Teresa - *hugs* You know I feel the same. I am touched by your love for Carla and your selflessness. You have truly been an inspiration to me during Canon's ordeal... you are a great friend and a wonderful Christian prayer warrior. I'm blessed to call you a friend.



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