December 05, 2006


This new computer is faster than a speeding bullet. Holy cow. I am just amazed. I actually sat here and went through my site meter, changed my post from yesterday (crossing off my to-do list), wrote this post, and was finished in less than 15 minutes.

I am so. liking. this.

Oh, yeah, baby.

Blogging just got a lot faster and easier. Maybe that extra debt really WAS worth it.

I still have not changed my files over to this machine, nor have I installed office to open my email just yet... so if you need me, give me a call the old fashioned way - on the phone. If not... give me a day or so and I'll be back up to speed with email, too. It won't take me any time at all.

This Dell is quicker than I am.

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Bev said...

Yay!!! I knew you'd love it. Congrats on the new "baby" (computer, I mean!)! :)


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you like your new Dell. Hope it continues to serve you well for years to come.


Lionel M.

Anonymous said...

sweet !


( say hi to your in-house-geek from me.. ;-)

Jude said...

Glad you got the computer. It sounds as though the new computer is already paying off in happiness, which means it was worth taking on the debt. You posted on my blog asking about my online job, and here is my delayed response. Although the job I do actually requires a master's degree, you can see some online tutoring jobs at They're accepting applications now. This isn't an ad--I actually work for them as a contract employee. There are a few other tutoring sites that say they're hiring people. At the moment, the only one I can think of is

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Bev.

Lionel M. - Thanks so much for the welcome to Dell. :) So far so good. I had to contact service for the first time yesterday as well... (for a DVD issue) and it was really a nice call (despite the fact that it was in Singapore).

RG - Resident Geek is waving! *HOWDY* So is resident Geek's wife and kids!

Jude... Thanks Jude. :) Don't have a masters, unfortunantly. I'll have to pass on that one. :(

Jude said...

Hi--I just read your comment to my comment--I know, that means that I'm *really* behind.

I meant that the job *I* have for them requires a master's, but they have tutoring jobs that don't require master's degrees. I didn't write that well for someone who has a master's degree. : )

(, click on become a tutor).



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