July 05, 2007

On the Road Again...

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm busy looking for houses and driving all over Texas. Keep us in your prayers. We need a miracle. Hopefully I can check in where I end up. If not... I'll see you in a few days!


Jocelyn said...

FYI, you're in my thoughts and prayers! Be at peace knowing God's hands are upon you and there you will find rest for your soul.

; )

Man, i sound preachy but I just wanted to encourgae you!


kailani said...

Congratulations! You have been nominated for the 2007 Bloggy Hoss Elections. Stop by and check it out!

An Island Life

Amber said...

Congrats sweetie! 4 out of the 10 I picked isn't bad:D

God Bless,

Dana said...

Good luck and congratulations!

Angela said...

I'm a new reader here at your blog, so I'm not sure what is going on, but will pray for your miracle. If you're in our part of North Texas (near Garland) let me know. You can stop in for a cup of tea.

Sprittibee said...

:) Thanks Jocelyn. It has been pretty stressful, but I can see how God's footprints are the only ones in the sand right now. I know I'm in good hands. I'm thankful that he's carrying us.

Kailani - What a beautiful name. Thanks for your nomination. That's so sweet. I'll come check out your cool awards.

Amber - 4 out of the 10? Forgive me, I have seen about 30 houses in the past few days... and twice as many floor plans. Everything seems to be running together - and my math skills keep decreasing with each wheeler-and-dealer I meet! Those new homes salesmen can talk circles around you, can't they? Forgive me for flaking out, but I am not sure what 4 out of 10 means. You'll have to refresh my memory or hold my hand a little! ;) *LOL*

Dana - :) Thank you Dana!

Angela - Thanks for de-lurking and sending a note! I like to meet the people that stop in. I have already gotten 3 answered prayers (miracles) so far... so I'm praying for a fourth now. Here are what the prayers were, and God's answer:

1. That we could move home to Texas by June.

Answer: I'm sitting in Texas and we moved here on June 24th.

2. That my husband could get a promotion in the area we wanted to live.

Answer: He was offered the promotion and even though the company laid off all of the other guys he worked with, he was given a leave of absence so that his job would not be lost and he could have time for the promotion papers to go through.... which they did, and he starts work in a week.

3. That our credit would be good and we could get the loan we needed for a house.

Answer: Found out today that we are in the 700's! That was a shocker, but I was so happy that it looks positive for us to get a good interest rate and the loan we want.


4. That God would give us the house we need at the price we need it to be... so our payment can be what we need... and we can have a place for my mom to live with us, too. 4 Bedroom homes are not cheap... and I do NOT want to buy a house that isn't God's plan for us (financially). It is easy to get greedy... and want more than you can afford. I just want him to give me clarity and peace... and WISDOM for this big decision that will hopefully be a long-lasting one. I want to be in one place - for a LONG time.

Answer: ? Time will tell.

I trust that God is watching over us. So far, he has not let me down.

This is a post in itself... but it explains the situation and gives testimony to the wonders of the Lord. He truly cares for his people.

Anonymous said...

I am agreeing with you in prayer for your new home! I am looking forward to the upsoming posts on your new home and how wonderful it is!!!


Amber said...

I was one of the many people that nominated you, Kailani is hosting the the Bloggy Hoss Elections. I just voted, so good luck!

Happy 777!

God Bless,

Amber said...

Oh yeah, and 4 out of the 10 people I nominated where picked.

God Bless,

Crystal said...

Praying for God's perfect house for your family!!




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