November 08, 2007

Nomination * Medication * Anticipation

I sent my nominations in to the HS Blog Awards. It was one of the most difficult things I've done all week... aside from cleaning up snot-rags, washing sheets, medicating feverish children, and trying to keep from frowning (I'm a grouch when school isn't getting accomplished). Kaden was sick yesterday, so we lost yet another day this week to sore throats and pharmaceuticals. It hasn't been pretty.

I wish that I could have nominated quite a few more people for the blog awards. As I was making the nominations out, I thought maybe we should take suggestions next year for categories because not everyone falls under eclectic homeschooler... or nitty gritty, you know? And shouldn't there be like, 20 cyber-blog-buddy categories? So you could nominate all 20 of your favorite BUDDIES??? That category is just too cruel.

So today we are getting back in gear. No more tissues. The kids are finishing up Math and I'm... well... blogging. But after this, I'll be homeschooling and getting meat out for tonight's dinner; because I don't think grilled cheese is going to make the husband happy two nights in a row.

Maybe after the blog awards are over, I'll share with you my personal list of favorite blogs. We can all get sappy together and exchange linky love.

Until then... here's what I'll be working on: MY HOMESCHOOL SERIES POST! I have already updated it some (go see!)... and I'm in the middle of making the annual spreadsheet of all the things we accomplished last school year (the years my kids were in 3rd and 4th). Maybe by next week I'll have a few of those posts up (field trips, book lists, curriculum used, favorite KONOS units, and more).

So I'll see you later... and in the mean time, go and nominate your favorite homeschool-related bloggers. I can't wait to read the winner list this year and see if I can find a few new blogs I hadn't heard of before.

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1 comment:

Renae said...

I agree that the nominations were difficult. I am rather new to blogging, but I've found so many great blogs. And many of my very favorites fit into the same category. Sigh...There is always next year to nominate the rest! :)



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