November 27, 2007

Reasons Why I Shouldn't Be Blogging

Tuckered Out

Well, it's definitely Christmas time. Thirty degree weather, sweaters and Thanksgiving leftovers were my first clues. The mile-high to-do list was my second (and now I have to add Christmas cards to the list - so I can weigh down a mail-man and not feel guilty about it... since he hiked my postage rate again this year). I've been secretly sneaking Christmas music since a week or two before Turkey Day. It's a sickness. I know. However, for the past few days I have been kind of blue... which is why I have stayed away from the blog. There is no reason to cry in everyone elses' holiday punch, right?

Sad, pathetic complaint #1: I have already posted about my Christmas Music favorites before, but it would be unlike me to not post something about holiday tunes this time of year. For the past two days Morgan and I have been doing a music organization project... which has required us to sort and stack our big, fat CD collection (I was stupid enough to amass one B.C. - before children)... and configure the Ipod and music programs on my computer (which has made me a VERY unhappy camper since it seems I-Tunes won't automatically scan my hard-drives for music and my Ipod doesn't download to my PC). Talk about un-user friendly! We found all the Christmas music and ripped them in Windows Media Player because I-Tunes was giving me headaches. Only problem is... now I'm stuck because I HAVE to use I-Tunes to get the music on the Ipod. Plus, since I switched my hard drive, my original music library is gone (unless you use Windows Media Player which recognizes my partitioned drive). My Ipod was wiped clean along with songs I would have rather downloaded... and now I-Tunes and my Ipod are EMPTY. It has really gotten me in a grouchy mood (which is not exactly Christmassy).

Sad, pathetic complaint #2 (which is probably my #1 complaint in actuality): Aside from the snag with the music, I've been staying away from blog-land due to my whiney depression over my sweetheart being on an extended business trip for three weeks. Granted, only two of those weeks we will actually have to be apart... but this time of year is my favorite of all and I hate being away from Kev. He left Sunday and will be gone through the week... but we'll get to see him this weekend briefly before he heads back out of town. If I didn't have school to get done, parties to attend, and a lack of gas money... I would probably be doing school in another city right now (I'm known in certain bloggy circles for my hotel-schooling). My practical side won out this time; otherwise, I'd be blazing a trail down the freeway like the love-sick Texas cowgirl that I am.

Sad, pathetic complaint #3: Then, there's the cat. He was by all appearances getting well... until today he started sneezing blood on my walls and door... and bathroom floor. Not a pretty sight. I feel really sorry for him, but the vet says to keep him contained and run a hot shower every now and then to keep his nose moist because it is likely the pills we are giving him that is causing his kitty nose-bleed. So... between the pills, the vet, the water bill, the IAMS stinky wet cat food, and the piteous kitten whine at the bathroom door... my heart and my wallet are breaking. Let's hope kitty gets well before Christmas.
Aside from the paltry complaints above, other great reasons why I shouldn't be blogging are:

1. I've got nothing interesting to say.
2. I have way too much to do in real life to sit at the computer (which doesn't seem to be stopping me - does it?).

There's nothing new under the sun in my neck of the woods. Just your run of the mill December stuff to report. Art Class today was fun. The kids painted a turtle with pastels and water-colors... which was really groovy (and I'm OK with the fact that it wasn't a poinsettia or silver bell which would be more 'typical' of art classes this side of Thanksgiving). We've been cramming school and trying to get all the other holiday plans and extras done (which sadly has been a huge stress to the kids and I when it should be FUN). It is amazing how the calendar takes on its own life in December and you find yourself running out of time to breathe. I know I'm preaching to the choir here... everyone is swamped over the holidays.
I'm all about solutions, so I'll go ahead and tell you what I'm doing tonight and tomorrow night to try and shake my 'whine' and get back in the bloggity-Christmas mood:

1. decorate the house with the kids
2. eat a frozen pizza so I don't have to cook (Red Barron Mexican Flavor - was delicious)
3. help the kids put up the tree
4. listen to an insane amount of Christmas music (in progress)
5. get sentimental over all the ornaments we pull out of boxes (this has already begun)
6. drink hot chocolate
7. snuggle with the kids and read before bed (they are sleeping with me while Dad is out of town)
8. Wrap up my SWAP sister's present to mail tomorrow
9. Make a list of all the MASSIVE projects I want to get done before Kev gets home Friday.... which might include cleaning out the garage (and I'm quite sure a clean garage would be just as good of a Christmas present as the kitten was for Morgan and I).

I'm sure I'll be back to my chirpy self soon. Until then, I hope you are managing the stress of the holidays with style and grace. May we both (you and me!) remember the reason for the season (and it has nothing to do with shopping, mistletoe or the maddening checking off of endless lists). May God bless you and yours with extra peace and joy to tide you through December's rush.

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I came across your blog and appreciate your honesty. Schooling through the holidays is definitely a stressful time. I love having the option to take a break from the normal school work and use the daily things that need to be done as a learning lesson.

Sara D said...

Awww. Everybody in your family has been sick, even the new kitty! I hope he gets better soon. Poor guy. He sure is adorable though. He looks very squeezable.
And don't feel bad about the Christmas music addiction. I've been compiling a playlist of it at for about a week.

Amy said...

Your not suppose to fall into a slump until AFTER the Holidays!!
Hope your week is going better and your hubby returns to a happy home soon! :D

God bless,
(more of a lurker than a commenter!)

Dana said...

Well, I hope it all gets back to normal for you soon. But hubby gone...that can mess things up. And three weeks?! Ouch!

Noodle said...

I don't have an Ipod, simply because I thought the interface was difficult. I have a Creative Zen that I LOVE, and I can load music directly to it -- super easy! We have (literally) thousands of CDs I'm sorting through, bit by bit. Once I load it to the Zen, it gets packed away.

I think many homeschoolers are in a holiday slump right now. It's a common theme I'm hearing, on the internet and with friends.

The Homeschool and Etc. Blog said...

Hey... I've been thinking of you. I know I don't comment much but I know how hard a pregnancy loss can be. And I don't want to be all in your business and nosy. I just know what it feels like even months later. Maybe you're still sad?

I hope you are doing ok and I wasn't meaning to be intrusive. Just that I know Christmas can be tough when stuff like that happens.

Mrs. C



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