December 01, 2007

Saying Thanks to Our Troops at Christmas

It must be pretty hard to be away from your family at Christmas time. In all my 15 years of marriage, I haven't had to be away from my husband on Christmas day yet. I hope it stays that way. To all of you soldiers and families of military men and women out there (and let's not forget the contractors and missionaries overseas either!), I want to personally say THANK YOU for caring about others enough to go and risk your lives, comfort, and convenience for the sake of bettering the world, spreading freedom and seeking goodwill towards men.

I know that war is not pretty, but I happen to know an Iraqi family (because my husband went to Iraq as a contractor) that is glad that we went to Iraq. I consider them family friends of ours and hope to one day meet them face to face (and give them a huge hug!!!). They have actually MAILED us gifts at Christmas before (and yes, they are Muslims). I applaud you all for your selflessness and pray you will all be home for Christmas soon - because Christmas is not just one day, it is every day in our hearts if we have Jesus living there.

Image courtesy of Microsoft ClipartIf you would like to share your thanks with our troops (for free), you can do so in about ten seconds. Want to know how? Click over to's Let's Say Thanks page and pick out a card (designed by children). Put your name (no need to be detailed - you can just put a first name if you want), your home town (or just a town near you if you are worried about divulging private info), and your state... then pick a pre-written message or write your own... and click SEND! Presto... your tribute to our military made as simple as point-and-click. Thanks Xerox!

Merry Christmas to our countrymen and women (military, contractors, missionaries and others who are living away from the USA) overseas!

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theheartofthehome said...

Thank you so much. My husband just left for his second deployment and it means so much to have people say thank you and serve as a reminder of our dear soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines serving away from family.
Thank you for keeping them in your prayers.
Because He calls,

Prodoceo said...

Thanks for the reminder! We just talked with a young marine who was home for a brief visit before being deployed back to the Middle East. He talked about what a positive experience his time in Iraq was and how thankful the people of Iraq still are for our presense there. He expressed GREAT frustration at the impression of the war that the American people are receiving from the media. He also expressed great appreciation for the support that Americans are showing the troops...regardless of their view of the war.

The link is great!


LivingByLearning said...

I'm glad you're helping to get the word out!

Our Cub Scout pack recently visited the local Army National Guard. They had a blast checking out the high tech gadgets and learning about military careers.

I wrote about the visit, and included links for learning about our troops as well as supporting our troops. The post is titled Living By Learning About Our Troops.

I also put up a slide show of the visit on the Living By Learningblog with pictures of the high tech gadgets.

Thanks again for helping us remember to be appreciate of the sacrifices that America's troops are making!

Katey said...

my neices husband is on his 2nd deployment. She is home with 4 little boys! Thank you for the reminder and getting the word out there.

Sprittibee said...

To each of you, I want to say a very personal THANKS. A simple "Thank You" seems so very inadequate to express what we all owe.

:) Merry Christmas!!!



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