January 02, 2008

My BIG FAT January 2008 To-Do List


Last night I made home-made chili and my husband made home-made cornbread. We laughed as we shopped at the grocery store - there was not a can of black eyed peas on the shelf. I bought some purple hull peas to cook, but didn't do it. We spent New Years eve making home-made kolaches (poppyseed and apricot) and pumpernickel bread. We played Crazy 8 (a card game) and danced in the kitchen to "What are You Doing New Years?" (big band version). I also cleaned the pantry out, hung up my 2008 calendar and weighed in.

I'm a busy bee this new year. At least I should be busy. This first day back to school I got up at 5:30am to tackle 2008 face on. We'll be doing light school today and then meeting some buddies at the library... and then going to spend some gift certificates this evening at the mall. Below I have listed what I'll be up to this month... and the bolded items are what is most important right now. I'll be checking back in on this post to cross it off.

take a workbook I didn't use back to my church
buy birthday cards
send cards to D, pop, K, R (belated)
MAKE new calendar insert pages for my day planner
send swap gift (sorry Amy! I'll do that today!)
check bank account online
2007 letter created
email 2007 letter
medical paperwork
re-reconcile checkbook
update checkbook with new receipts from vacation
leftover unit study post
leftover unit study printed sheet for binder
school planning
next unit's library books
meet friends at library/plan to see other friends...
call Stacy and Jan
check phone messages
plan kid bday parties
trailer to pick up furniture at mom's
bookcases, chairs, buffet?
clean house
sort school papers
XLS for 06-07 finished
report cards done
make maple chocolate cake
bible class next Wednesday
kid pen pal letters done
thank you cards mailed
sell used curriculum
goal review worksheet created for me and kids
school spiral updated (lists printed for chores/assignments)
new year resolutions added to goal list
tax documents sorted and ready to mail to tax man
file cabinets cleaned out
phone minutes checked
hsba deadlines for jan. on calendar
hsba Rolodex finished
license updated
cat fixed 3rd
heart article finished (draft by 4th)
menu for jan.
swap post for jan.
hsba awards prize work finished
email vendors again to make sure they got my first prize/winner list
make a cd for the car
work with creativity express
check and clean out emails
blog 06-07 posts and last FTFF for 05-06
pay bills after payday
blog daddy's bread recipes/chili recipe
blog Amy's swap gift
new blush brush
check mail/go to post office
book report forms printed
buy Morgan the book she wants (jack hamm)
set up co-op field trips for co-op
pay kids allowance for charts completed
update printed monthly calendars for dec./jan.
touch up trim/walls
hang mirror in dining rm
texture and paint
blog redesign
move cookbooks
landline phone
mom's paypal fixed
frames for art and photos
spca refund request faxed/refund in mail
help the kids blog each week
cd project
clean off desk
give away clothes to H
clean bathrooms
help kids clean their rooms
quilting class in this area?
ask P about photoshop cs3j
paint tips of fake tree branches - color coded
take down Christmas tree
take down upstairs holiday decorations
take down downstairs holiday decorations
take down holiday cards
clean out refrigerator
trash out
babysit for friend Friday
kids to spend night at friend's house
get printer fixed!!!
desk paperwork done

So I guess I'll be a little tied up for a bit... but hopefully I can fit "blog each day" in to the schedule. If you say a prayer for me, please pray that I will be as efficient and energized as the bunny.

Well... it is 6:40AM and my computer time is over for now... be back to check email tonight!

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Renae said...

That list made my eyes glaze over. Good luck getting it all accomplished! :)

Happy New Year!

Bunny Trails said...

Holy Moly, girlfriend! You make my life look easy. LOL! Maybe I'll get motivated to make an entire list - AND post it on my blog. We'll see. Meantime, I'll be cheering you on! You go, Queen Bee! :D

mastermom said...

Seems like in times like these we need a more secure anchor to steady our souls, so I am spending more time in His presence. I am also beginning a 21 day Daniel fast just to get that flesh in check. Have fun and be blessed. mastermom

Dandelion Seeds said...

Um... so that's a list for the year right? tee hee...

KarenW said...

That's quite a list! I need to get working on mine. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Sprittibee said...

Still working on it... :)

Anonymous said...
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