January 09, 2008

Start Off the Year Right.... With a SWAP!


I'm finally getting around to that promised photo of the amazing swap gift that my buddy Amy sent me! What a generous swap present I got! The photo had to be an aerial view because of the loads of stuff she stuffed in the box! I'll give you a packing list so you can drool:

1. Pilgrim pattern for costumes (look under the cat... )
2. A Home Decorating Book (just in time for my white walls - SOS!)
3. Abe Lincoln and George Washington Paper Doll coloring set
4. Solar System bookmarks
5. Learning adventure games pack (includes Jack and Ball set)
6. Glow in the dark stars
7. Wreath making craft set
8. Bead set for bracelet
9. Bill of Rights Scholastic Quick-Reference Folder
10. Game bag paint set
11. Animal Planet bookmarks and tatoos

NOT PICTURED: Chocolate Chip Cookies from Whole Foods!

The cookies were the first thing to go... and according to Amy, they are the only thing that cost her anything other than the shipping of the box. She was cleaning out her school supplies and blessing us with them! What a great idea, and we were very thankful to be on the receiving end of Amy's box.

Normally, the swap gifts have a limit of 5-10$ (including the price of shipping). We don't want to tax a homeschool mom's budget (since we understand just as well as any of you that times are tight living off of one income). If you want to join up for the January SWAP over at the Homeschool Blog Awards website, please be sure to stop in this Saturday and comment on the SWAP post. You'll have a few days to sign up before we close the swap for the month.

To see past Swaps, go to the HSBA site and scroll down on the left sidebar to the Saturday Swap posts in the Categories section. You can read about our past monthly swaps and see links to the blogs that participated (and see what swap gifts they got).

Hope to see you there!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! It is great you support Ron Paul. Please, get the word out to others like yourself. I am not sure others are so enlightened, someone like you can realy help since you understand.



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