February 25, 2008

Homeschool Mom's Pat on the Back

Sorry for neglecting you all weekend, but we were having fun with family that we never get to see (and there were eight children there - four of which were "internet age"). It just wasn't going to happen that I had ample time to post anything!

A wonderful thing happened at the table over our Chipotle tacos, last night, though. I wanted to share (because I'm still smiling inside):

"I can't wait to get home and finish reading that G. A. Henty book about Jerusalem", I said.

"Yeah, that is a great book," Kaden agreed. "I wish I had thought of bringing it on our trip."

"I love the G. A. Henty series and the Elsie Dinsmore series because they don't have any pictures. It is so much better when you imagine things." Morgan (recently turned 9) told us.

I had to laugh inside - I was so excited she said it! She's the baby of the family, so it was like a milestone - just as important as crawling and walking to me!

"Yeah, you know, when you are reading and you have this great image in your mind... and then you turn the page and see an illustration of what you were reading about - and it is TOTALLY different? I hate that!!!" Kaden said between bites of cilantro-lime rice and black beans.

How cool is that?! Almost as cool as Chipotle!! [I'm kidding... sortof.]

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Sara D said...

That's awesome that the kids prefer picture-free novels. I hated that too as a kid. Your own imagination is by far much better than the illustrator's. When I was a kid I would try to dog-ear all the illustrations so I could skip them, b/c otherwise I would spend too much time studying them thinking, no, that's not in the right place, and no, that's not how that looks, etc.

MMMMMMM Chipotle. I haven't had any since I was pregnant b/c I was traumatized by morning *ahem* all-day sickness hours after dining there. I've been too scared to eat there again. LOL

Christy said...

Those discussions are the little rewards of homeschooling on the long road to graduation :)

JoAnn said...

While I have my own little pats on the back, I haven't experienced this yet. I think it is just awesome that your kids love those books.

Rachel said...

That is awesome! :-) So sorry I missed you this weekend, I didn't get the email until it was too late! GRRR.. one day!

have a great week!
Love in Christ

Heather said...

:) We have been reading non-picture books off and on for a long time, so it is neat to hear her putting this thought in to words. I needed to hear it. Or rather, I love to hear it. I knew she liked to read - she reads a lot... it is just nice to get verbal confirmation of the fact that she sees a difference in MEAT and milk.


Rachel - sorry we missed each other again. ;( I'm sure to go on another family visit some time in the near future. ;)

Heart of Wisdom said...

Discussions like this keep me going. Thanks for sharing.

Amy B said...

That's what I call:

Proverbs 31:28
"Her children stand and bless her."

I'm going to have to check out those books!

Heather said...




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