February 13, 2008


We are officially scrapping the week's lesson plans. Yes, boys and girls... Daddy is out of town (on what very well may be his last business trip of the year) and my house is covered in piles of STUFF. You see... we have all these projects that can't be done without ample sit-down-and-sort time... and Daddy hates sorting mess and piles. Therefore, I prayed hard about what best to do with our time apart and THIS WAS THE ANSWER I got. I think. Anyway, I'm sure he'll be so thrilled this weekend when he comes home and there are boxes in the garage that have been emptied, the pile of tax paperwork is not on the dining room table any more, and we are one step closer to having a functioning school room upstairs.

We ARE, however, doing ART (and Math), and Reading... and our nature journals. We have an art fair this weekend for our co-op. I feel like I am completely goofing off (even though I am working at organizing my house and 'school' like crazy). I picked up this book last night: The Organized Homeschooler - and READ IT AGAIN. I am convinced that Vicki Caruana is an angel sent by God to help save me from chaos. Seriously, you have to have this book... It should come standard with the homeschooling welcome packet.

So... needless to say, there won't be photos in this post because I am in my nightgown and the house is a war zone of paperwork and boxes. I have until Friday to get things back in order. You think I could manage to make Valentine ornaments and get all our art matted for display by Saturday as well? I don't know. I guess time will tell.

In the mean time... PLEASE VISIT THESE LINKS (they are inspiring):

THE COOLEST Valentine heart ornaments EVER

Heather's Scrapbooky Blog - takes a while to load (and has music)... but she has great photos and layouts

More scrapping to get your creative juices flowing...

Need a laugh?

LJC's valentine heart photo frame project - she's always up to something creative

Twinkle lights in a jar - make them red or pink and you'll have a great Valentine decoration!

What Valentine's Day is complete without nachos?

You may resume your day.

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Anonymous said...

Please go to Crystal's blog to wish her a happy birthday! :)


Cindy said...

You and me, girl! We took a "teacher in service" day yesterday and I cleaned my house. We finished painting the boy's room, finally, and Chuck is going to build their loft this weekend. THEN I can get their stuff put back in the room where it belongs and out of my hallways and school room!

Have fun organizing! :)



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