May 08, 2008

Cat Distractions and Early-Onset Before-Summer Burnout

It isn't feeling like spring here any more... but I was glad that it was cool enough to sit and eat my Sonic Breakfast Bistro in the car tonight without breaking a sweat. [Cherry Coke is from heaven.] I'm tempted to put up my summer background for the blog... and this will make - what? The third year I have had that same summer background? I think it is time for a blog face-lift... but I'm not sure where the money for that would come from. Certainly not when the house appraisal just came in and I'm sure the taxes are not going to be easy to cough up once the mortgage company figures it out!

rollingsunSummer weather makes for summer on the brain. I thought spring was bad. I'm wondering if it isn't just my mind going? Stranger things have happened. Of all people... right? But yes - I have been feeling like a homeschool flop lately. Even after our trip to Michigan for robotics! Especially. Two weeks off and I turn to mush. A puddle of non-routine and ADD hyperfocusing. It makes me want to clean things. So the unpacking and laundry got done, the desk got cleaned off, the sheets got changed, the bookshelves got rearranged, the school closet got an overhaul, my piles of paperwork are sorted and ready to grade and put away, and the refrigerator and menu plan is next. And I wonder why it's hard to get back to school!!! All that without a drop of coffee.

Maybe I'll slow down long enough to get some SCHOOL planning done tomorrow. Cuz, you know, I AM a homeschool teacher, after all. After the refrigerator is clean and my menu is done for the next two weeks, that is. Because you know a girl can't do school with things growing in her refrigerator. Unless they are science experiments (which is what that rotisserie chicken looks like on the top shelf that has been there since three weeks ago...). But I digress.


Another distraction has been my cat. He is the 'goodest boy'. You just can't understand how awesome this cat is. It was really, really hard to go without his furry belly for 7 straight days. I'm making up for lost time and he is so spoiled. He gets up on the bed when we are trying to read and rolls over so all we see is his fat furry belly - with his little paws in the air like a bunny rabbit. HE KNOWS what he's doing. It is serious cuteness. Cuteness that kills. Must. look. away.... "now what were we studying?"

Tomorrow we are finishing up our grading/organizing/paperwork project (if we can avoid the cat long enough), and then Friday we are meeting with another mom to plan a KONOS co-op for States and Regions! I'm so excited. I haven't co-oped with another family since we were in Arkansas (and that didn't last very long because the co-op we were in up there disbanded when a lot of ladies went to other curriculums). Before that, we co-oped with my buddy, Kelly. She made me look like a bump on a log. I'm thrilled about co-oping because I need a breath of fresh air. I need some life back in my dry bones. I'm fizzled out, people. I have homeschool early-onset before-summer burn-out.

We start Monday with New England area... so if you own a pet whale or know any Pilgrims, please comment! Recipes and tips from locals are coveted. Send us a postcard! Email us a photo. Give us a history lesson. Maybe we can swap Flat Stanley with you.

Wish us luck on getting back to school! We'll be trucking across the USA 'FIGURATIVELY' this time... in our unit study.... until some time in August! Don't worry, I'm not entirely heartless. My kids WILL get some summer break (a week in June when our buddies come home and a week for July 4th... and 1/2 of August and a week or two of September). That makes 4-6 weeks, right? And you thought I was Miss Viola Swamp! Shame on you!

In Him,
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Sheri said...

Makes me miss our Ranger. He was hit by a car a week or so ago.

Hope you can get refocused! I go the opposite direction this time of year...and get so focused on school that I could probably go another month or two without any burnout...but only have a "few" (15) days left.

Shawna said...

I can't stand it when my cat flops around on his back.

Sounds like you got a lot of cleaning done. That always make me feel better (the fact that it's done, not the pain of doing it).

I don't think I've been to your personal blog before, just Homeschool Blog Awards. Did that site get a new design? It looks great.

Anyway, hope you're able to get back in the swing of things.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I thought *we* were the only ones with 3week old food in our refrigerator! Seems that is not so. We have been cleaning like mad for the party and we're having company stay! AHHHH! Crazy!

I hope you find some peace of mind about not sitting down at doing the textbooks. Every moment you spend with your kids, while they ask questions and you teach, is school. : ) You're a great teacher!

Haha, yeah, shy when I'm not typing. :D Sorry 'bout that. I had fun being quiet, listening to you all!

I wish you could be here too! You would be a great addition to the party! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Love you!
Miss Jocelyn

A Pondering Heart
Growing In Grace Magazine WRITER
Homesteading Carnival

Anonymous said...

Hey Queen Bee, don't be down on youself. You are super homeschooling Mom. We all get burn out from time to just happens. Especially this time of the year.


Deb said...

I just planned our summer--
2 weeks of Detectives (in Inquisitiveness in Vol. 2) and 7 weeks of geography--one for each continent. Wahoo!

Oh, and I think 3 week-old food is a double-header: science AND art, if you sketch it.



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