May 24, 2008

Expelled Interviews at Growing in Grace

Don't miss the wonderful interview series that Amanda Dixon is doing over at Growing in Grace. I answered her questions for her and she included me this week. I hope the movie goes to video so I can buy a copy of it. Or 20.

My son's response after the movie when we walked outside was, "I am SO PUMPED UP, mama!" Great to hear that from an 11 year old. I recommend seeing Expelled if you haven't already seen it. Everyone who loves freedom of speech should make it a priority.

PS Amanda is also hosting a Homeschool SENIOR Giveaway on her personal blog! Deadline is May 31st!

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Dave Grossman said...
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Sprittibee said...

Dave Grossman: I won't allow you to link here. Here's what you wrote...

"Expelled has nothing to do with freedom of speech and everything to do with religious people (generally Christians but Ben Stein is a notable exception) trying to undermine accepted science with unsupported non-theories that don't even remotely constitute science. The fear these people have is that if evolution isn't questioned, it will turn their children and peers into atheists. It's a well founded fear but evolution doesn't always lead to atheism as there are many notable Christians (e.g. Kenneth Miller) who support evolution."

Here's my answer...

You are totally missing the point. I don't care if the theory is about the moon being made of green cheese. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY AND DO WHAT THEY WANT IN A FREE COUNTRY. If the theory is bad, it will die on it's own. BUT EVERY THEORY SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE PRESENTED TO THE PUBLIC - WHETHER IT IS A BAD THEORY OR NOT. AFTER ALL - I THINK YOUR THEORY IS BAD, AND I PAY PUBLIC SCHOOLS TO TEACH IT ANYWAY.

What many want is to SILENCE people (mainly they want to silence CHRISTIAN people - as you so kindly pointed that sector of society out for me). THAT IS ANTI-FREEDOM. WHICH POINTS ME BACK TO THE SAME REASON I LOVE BEN STEIN'S MOVIE. The fact that HE put the movie together and has many secular buddies backing him should show you that it isn't just about religious people. The holocaust was about religion... and I'm so thankful Ben pointed that out. When people who don't like freedom get control of the "ideas" - the thought police if you will - usually the people that don't agree end up exterminated. Ben and others are just trying to show the world that freedoms are worth protecting - even if we don't agree with the religion, we should protect people's right to believe it, practice it, speak it, and present it. No one is trying to cram Creationism down your throat. You have nothing to be afraid of.



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