June 19, 2008

Sniffy (Another Morgan Letter)


If you have been following the blog here at Sprittibee, you'll most likely remember back to the last letter Morgan wrote to a consumer product: Tom's Toothpaste. She likes to write to people when she finishes their books, uses their products, or hears their songs and enjoys them. She brought me this letter that she finished lately and asked that I mail it off for her. I'm just the "keeper of the stamps".

I thought it was cute. I like it that she's not afraid to be herself.... even when that goes against the "grain" of modern society. I like to think that it is a byproduct of homeschooling, but who knows - maybe it is just her personality as well?

I left all her grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. This time she won't get them corrected!

Dear Axe (body spray),

I am a female 9 year old who enjoys every bit of your cologne! But, my favorite fragrance of yours is the "AMBER - PROXIMITY". My father and brother have them jamed into their cabinets, so that I can't get one out and spray it on myself! :) Even though I am a girl, I must be your Biggest fan of your cologne! My dad laughs at me when I put it on, because it's "Boy" cologne. You may want to make girl cologne, too... :) I bet you have gotten that alot! Thank you for taking the time to read this letter!

sincerely yours,

She even drew them a little girl face on the original. Too cute.

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Bunny Trails said...

I think that's great that she's taking the time to make her voice heard now. It's a habit that will serve her well in life. Too often, we have an opinion about something - good or bad - and we don't speak up. Or we don't speak to the people we should.

Good for her!! :D

JP Otaku said...

Thank you, Sprittbee, for your delightful comment, and your warm welcome. I will be following your blog from now on.

I absolutely adore the letter! Sometimes, when I can't gather up the spirit to do things like send thoughtful letters to others, people like Morgan give me the inspiration... we can do anything

Jesse said...

That is to sweet! They grow up so fast! Have a blessed week!

SuperNoots said...

How cute! I did this same thing in high school as a writing assignment. After a serious proclamation to Rave of how I could not tell the difference between their normal and maximum- hold hairspray, they sent me one bottle of every hair spray they made, with their apologies. I wonder what her sweet letter will bring about :)



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