July 29, 2008

Homeschool Links and Info for the Week

Homeschool Talk LogoI missed out on Dana's Homeschool Talk yesterday. Did you know that if you want to catch previous episodes you can just hop over to the blog radio and replay them? I think it is great that she's doing this for the community. She's right on up there with Spunky Homeschool and Consent of the Governed on keeping homeschoolers up to date on the issues that are important to us. I hope you'll put a button on your blog's sidebar for her and link to the show. I'm working on getting that done here at Sprittibee.

HOTM Bee & Peach Conference TalksThis Friday at 9:15-10:15 AM is Dawn and my debut for the Homeschool Conference at HOTM, also. We'll be talking about Blogging for Dummies Friday and then "Surviving the Homeschool Fog: Destress Yourself" (better known as 'Burnout') on Sunday between 3:30pm and 4:30 pm. I hope you have paid for your tickets and can make it to chat with us in real time! The conference starts Wednesday and there is an excellent line-up of speakers, so if you don't get a ticket to talk with Dawn and me, you should get one for all the other wonderful people listed on the speaker roll.

Homeschool Blog Awards Vote ButtonAnother thing that will be coming down the pipe soon is the Homeschool Blog Awards. This year we are starting nominations in October so that we miss the holiday season entirely. All awards will be given by November so that prizes can be sent by Christmas. With August nearly here, it will be coming up sooner than later. In the mean time, be jotting down your favorite blogs for the categories that we had last year... so you'll be ahead of the game when it comes time for nominating!

Here below are a few links for this week that I wanted to share with you:

Alltop Homeschooling (my little bee looks cute on their page)

Parent's Rights more Important than Dislike of Homeschooling (finally, I agree with Kelly!)

A Charlotte Mason Transition (interested in learning more about CM?)

Homeschool Buyers Co-op (they have field trip lists by state, too!)

My Chicken Taco, Guacamole, Corn Salsa, Refried Black Beans & Cilantro-Lime Rice Meal

Check out the Meme "The Simple Woman's Daybook" at the HSBA!

I'll be blogging around the blogosphere today, putting in a post at the HSBA, helping the kids add one to their pages, getting my monthly article over to HOTM and maybe even getting a recipe up at Gathering Manna if there is time. Did I ever give you the carrot cake recipe? If not, that is next on my list. I know I had a few people begging for it after I posted that decadent photo! I think I'll have to make it this week some time and try to recreate Aunt Mary's culinary bliss.

Hope you have a super week and are enjoying the last few sun rays of summer! It is a staggering 101 degrees here in Texasville. We're planning on staying inside today and watching the cucumbers grow through the windows!

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1 comment:

mommyp4 said...

Looking forward to tuning in to your talks! Thanks again for the tickets!! The times for your talks at the conference are EST right? Or is it 9:15 central?



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