July 16, 2008

Shhhhh!!!! Don't Tell My Husband.

I've been a busy bee. I told you I had some projects I was working on this week, right? Well one of them involves a can of teal paint and the relocation of furniture. My bedroom-bound computer is migrating to the school room when the walls dry. Someone is going to be very surprised when they come home from their trip this week! That's what happens when you leave a woman alone at home for a week!

In the mean time, please visit Dawn's blog and the HSBA where you can now participate to win tickets to the HOTM conference.

Or stop in at the man interesting blogs in my feevy links on the sidebar in here...

I may be out of pocket with my aching painter's arms and unplugged computer for the next day or so. Check back in here for an AFTER photo of the school room when the project is complete! I'm so excited I can hardly wait to crack open that paint can!

Anyone have any tips for colorwashing?

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SuperAngel said...

Wow... painting huh? Too bad you didnt do that before we came, so we could see it! :P

speaking of which, I blogged about seeing you!
Come by and see!

Anonymous said...

Easy glaze and colorwash-
1/3 paint
1/3 water
1/3 paint conditioner
mix well and brush on. While it is still wet, rub it into the wall with a rag and wipe. Hurry and do the next area so that it doesn't dry and leave a line. What ever is under will show through in different areas, so makes sure to prime or like what is underneath.
Have fun and enjoy!

Dawn said...

My husband's away for a couple of months. I'm planning a bathroom redo while he's away. I'm hoping he'll be surprised and delighted.

Okay, I admit that I'm planning this while he's away in part because he did the last redo and I've seen his work but hey, it still counts as a pleasant surprise, doesn't it?

Bren said...

I just had to leave a comment - you are a fun person. I totally enjoy your blog! Stop by my garden page sometime. Happy Summer!



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