August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacque!


I'm so glad that lovely Jacque Dixon's birthday is today. I'm sorry she's 40, but hey - it happens to the best of us. I'm glad because it gets me out of a meaty post that I was going to do... which I don't have time for... because I'm totally off-whack today and still in my PJs. So THANK YOU, Jacque! Your birthday is not only blessing me in this trivial way, but YOU bless me all the time!

I have to tell you, I met Jacque through her wonderful daughters online in the homeschool community. This past April, our family took a trip up to Michigan and the Dixons offered to let us spend the night there. We even got to give our swap gifts to each other in person! It is a special kind of people that would invite a family of strangers in to their home. And make us dinner! We fell in love with them, and the three eldest Dixon women have been a blessing to the HSBA team in so many ways.

I hope you'll stop over and read Jocelyn and Amanda's posts about their mama today - because they know her more than I do... and you just have to see the photo Jocelyn posted! What a riot! 80's hair gone awry!

I hope your birthday is super, Jacque... and that you have many, many more! And I hope you won't kill me because I didn't ask permission with that photo (which was taken when you guys came to see us in Texas in June!). But I figure if Jocelyn can get away with it, so can I!

And for me, I hope I can get my act together today!

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SuperAngel said...

Aww this is so sweet! That picture is my favorite of Mama! :)
I can't believe Jocelyn posted that! :O haha Mama is as gorgeous as ever though!

I am so happy you joined in to celebrate her birthday! HUGS!

Miss Amanda

MrsD/Jacque said...

Oh man!! I needed a big belly laugh today! Between that picture and yours and Gena's comments... well, I got it!
Thank you for such a sweet post. I sure do love you all too! What a blessing to meet you and your lovely little munchkins, your dh(short though it was -was he even really awake as he stood there?? or was he sleep-walking??)and, of course, your sweet Chicky!!

God is good to give us such great online-irl friends!

Love you sister!

Grandma Starr said...

A very sweet post.
Rachel has a post up too.
Grandma Starr

Kim M. said...

She's forty? Wow, I hope I look that good when I get there.


My name is Kim, and I found your blog while googling "KONOS".
This is my first year to home-school my 3 boys (after 3 years of Christian day school).
So... since I am here looking at your blog, I will comment (and not "lurk"). :-)
I've enjoyed your blog!
Kim M. Indiana

Sprittibee said...

Mandasita - Don't you just love that shot! :) I can hear her saying something smart at me as I click the camera shutter. LOL

Jacquisita - My husband is the walking dead at night. He turns off at 11pm. LOL You guys just got in too late! Chickie says Hi and happy birthday - and sends kisses to the munchkins.

Grandma Starr - :) Tell Rachel to link me via email! So I can read it.

Kim M - Yeah, she looks great for 40 and 8 kids! LOL And she lives in Indiana! ;) Thanks for commenting and not lurking! Like to meet the people who stop in! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Man, I guess everyone loved that photo. heheeee



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