August 09, 2008

Mom-Blogger Perks and Pitfalls


A while back, one of my sweet online buddies mailed me this potholder out of the blue. That is definitely a perk of being a blog friend to someone. Sweet notes and gifts in the mail - just because you were on someone's mind. Not to mention the links and freebies they send your way. The email support system they provide. The laughter and tears. All from the comfort of your own home.

Lisa said she saw this potholder and couldn't resist getting it for me because it had bees on it. Here's the conversation that ensued after I opened the package:

Morgan: "Who is that from? Miss Dawn? Miss Bunny Trails? WHO???"

Me: "It's from Sislisa."

Morgan: "Oooohhh! She's the one at Growing in Grace!"

Husband: "You mean the kids know all these imaginary online people, too?"
I had to laugh. So how many of you blogging addicts out there have children who are up to date on all your imaginary friends? I don't know about you, but I love blog buddies. They aren't imaginary - even if you never get to meet them. I guess that is one blogger pitfall that isn't such a pitfall after all. Even if the husbands sometimes think that it is.

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owlhaven said...

Yes, my husband and several of my older children are up on the lives of several of my blog friends!

Mary, mom to many

Anonymous said...

LOL! "Imaginary friends to!" Oh dear, my daddy knows they're real, just has yet to understand they are real friends. :P

A sweet gift for you. Loved seeing all the cute little bee-items you had in your kitchen. The measuring cups were so ADORABLE. :)

Love and miss ya!

Anonymous said...

My kids are somewhat up on my blog buddies but not all. There are a few that I talk about more than others.

Hubby just shakes his head though when I ask the mechanic in him about a problem a friend is having he's more than willing to try to help...he just can't help it. :D


dianne - bunny trails said...

Had to chuckle at Elaine's comment - my hubby was helping out (via phone call to a REAL person) when Carrie was trying to get her HD converter box to work and it was being wonky. She's not at all imaginary. LOL!

Yes, my kids and hubs know who at least some of my bloggy friends are. Of course, we don't get to meet for coffee or anything, but once in awhile, we get the opportunity to meet IRL. And if they're Christians, we know we get to meet in heaven one day. :D

Sisterlisa said...

awww LOL that is cute! Well you KNOW my kids know who you all are. That's why they shouted 'Sprittibee!!' when we saw that potholder in the boutique we were in. So glad you like it!

"Hello to the Bee family!"

Sprittibee said...

owlhaven - :) So how does hubby feel about your blog buddies?

Miss J - I know your dad knows we are real, after all - he's met us!

akhmmm - my husband shakes is head at us sometimes, too.

dianne - it would be cool to meet up IRL. let me know if you're ever taking a vacation down south.

sislisa - we love the potholder. i think of you guys every time we use it. i told my mom who sent it to me and she said "who's that???" Morgan told her it was my friend in california that lived near the wildfires. LOL

Sarah Bray said...

I'm definitely excited to be a part of the blogging community! This is my first time visiting you, but I'll definitely be back for more. :)

Heather said...

Thanks Sarah, please do stop back by!

Katey said...

glad to know I am not the only one with "imaginary friends" although I believe I read more than I am is that for some easy to read english LOL...Congrats on the the bumble bee btw

katey who is having blogger problems

Melanie said...

Not blogging folks, but my kids know all about several of my friends from a bulletin board I've hung out at for years now. They've even gotten to meet one of them! And they always ask, when hearing a crazy-kid story, did that happen to "____"? because EVERYTHING happens to her and her kids!

Kelly said...

Hehe. Imaginary friends. I love it!

Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

You are real, aren't you? We've actually spoken (and conferenced together) so it must be so.



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