August 30, 2008

Taxes, Chicken and Obamacide

I try and steer clear of a lot of political harassment here at my site, but I got an email today that nearly made me fall out of my chair laughing. And I needed a good laugh - considering the tone of this political election and all the mud that has been oozing out of the media. Somebody has to stick their neck out in blogland and take some heat. Why not me?

First the laughs, and then I'll just tell it like I see it? Shall I?

Somebody needs to send that agent a card and thank him for shooting straight. Heaven knows people need to cut to the real issues since Obama only knows how to dance around them and layer it with fluff. Yeah, we all need 'HOPE' - but my version has no Obama leading the American people off a cliff, thankyouverymuch.

I've gotten quite a few hilarious political emails lately, actually. There's the one about the nation coming together - everyone showing support for their candidates... drive with your lights on in the day if you are voting for McCain and drive with them OFF and NIGHT if you are voting for Obama. Enjoyed that one.

Then there was the 2008 Democratic National Convention Schedule of Events. Where Ted Kennedy keeps proposing a toast and they open with a flag burning. That gave me quite a few chuckles and made me scratch my head in wonder at Democrats everywhere.

But the Obama news lately has been really ruffling my feathers. I wouldn't have voted for him anyway - because he's #1 liberal, and #2 inexperienced. He truly is a fence-post-turtle. Not to mention his shady ties to the middle-east and socialism... the fact that the communist party endorses him, and the fact that he has a brother in Kenya that lives in a stick shack and eats on 1$ a day and he doesn't give him a dime. I know a lot of Christian people here in the U.S. who can barely stay out of the red between paychecks and are shipping money overseas to sponsored children in poor neighborhoods. What kind of person is Hussein if he can't help his own kin?

But the latest two things that have come up about Obama have been the icing on the cake, folks. I knew he was a pro-death liberal who aimed to trump states rights to decide if he was elected, but I had no idea he was lying for 4 years about supporting infanticide. Nor that ANY political candidate who had morals that deep in the gutter would ever aspire to be president of this country. I've seen the photos of the babies (BIG BABIES) they let die on the tables at hospitals who are born alive. Infanticide - er - "Obamacide" - is murder. Plain and simple. People go to jail for starving cattle and house-pets, and yet it is OK to starve a baby? How sick.

And then there's the economy. I think everyone would agree that we're not at our apex. Gas prices, food prices, inflation, and the mortgage collapse... unemployment rising and people as tight as ever with their "spending money" (those that have it). Guess what Obama proposes? Higher taxes. Not just that, the end of tax cuts. And then on top of it - a GLOBAL POVERTY TAX. So he can fix America? No - so he can ship another zillion dollars overseas to the U.N. and sign all their treaties (effectively signing over the sovereignty of the United States). Electing Obama makes about as much sense as electing President Acmadinijob (and who cares if I spelled his name right). Everyone ready to say the pledge of allegiance to the U.N.? Fork over their life's savings to combat hunger in a third world country? Who cares if you can hardly afford to buy milk and drive to work? People are starving in Africa!

And it seems Africa is what's on the mind of Obama-bin-Laden. He wants to make sure his brother over seas isn't poor any more. But he isn't going to send him a check, no sir - he's going to send him YOUR money - in the form of rice and cereal - funneled through U.N. "peacekeepers".

I'm sorry, guys... but I just don't see how any God-fearing, tax-paying, law-abiding citizen of this good country could not see through his arrogant, liberal FACADE. He's a liar. A baby killer. And he's going to rob your bank to feed Africa. So don't come crying to me when you have to go on food stamps. We can borrow some more deficit money from China to pay for your kids to eat, I guess.

But hey - go ahead and vote for him. I'll just cancel your vote out for you.

So what if Paul and Huck didn't win. I'm sore about it, too. But you better get off your hiney and get to the polls, conservatives. I'm off the soap box now. This has been your ONE and ONLY friendly warning of the voting season.

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Kimberly/Mom in the City said...

Wow, I can't believe this post.

Politically, I think it's fine for people to voice their opinions. (Personally, I'm not a big fan of either candidate.)

"Obamacide"; " Obama-bin-Laden"; etc. - I thought (from your previous writings) that you were a better, more mature person than that. In my opinion, the way that you expressed your views were not very "Christian-like" at all.

I'm not sure who I'll be voting for come election time (I want to hear both candidates fully.) I do know that I'll be canceling my rss feed to this site though. How disappointing!

Traci Best said...


Thank you for being open and honest about what you believe and sharing all of this information so that we are encouraged to investigate the candidates more fully on our own.

It is VERY Christ-like to call people out on the carpet for what they are. Glossing over the truth was not one of Jesus' attributes. I thought your article was very well written.


Melissa said...


I'm sick of the unbiased media and other Dems thinking it's okay to dish on McCain and any other Republican, but if you so much as question Obama you're racist. Ugh! What has our country come to!?!

By the way, I didn't see anything un-Christian in your post. Why can't we just call things like they are? What makes that un-Christian?

Thanks for this post! :)

kerri @ gladoil said...

This is my first time here, came by way of Mrs. Darling. But I have to leave a comment and say I agree with you 200%!!! Christ likeness doesn't mean we have to sugar coat every little thing we say. Sometimes telling the bold brass tack truth is THE MOST Christlike thing to do.

Kelli said...

I read your blog quite a bit. I have seen a few things that maybe I did not 100% agree with, but I would never consider what you said un-Christian. calling out B. Hussein Obama for killing babies is not un-Christian, it IS Christian!! He fully supports killing babies. My husband was sent something on myspace contrasting McCain (who has adopted an "unwanted child") and Obama (who says that is one of his daughters "makes a mistake" she should not be "punished with a child"!!!! We are talking about who is going to be our leader.

Anonymous said...

I think that you nailed it on the head here. I appreciate your honesty here.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I don't touch on politics's each person's personal opinion. But I agree with you 100%!

Janine said...

Thank you so much for writing this post. I just found your blog and am so glad to see a Christian that is not afraid to speak out. I agree with you. We must pray!

rural momma said...

This stuff needs to get out there, these are lives we are talking about!! Exposing the the truth may anger some people, but that does not mean it is any less truthful. I, for one, would rather know about these things then get all offended at some words that were used and miss the whole point of the post.

Great job!! :0) I would love to hear your thoughts on Mc Cains pick for VP. (big grin)

Anonymous said...

You know I got a message from facebook from a lady to the Proverbs 31 Woman group saying "we need change, we need Obama" and other gibberish and I was FLABBERGASTED! I restrained myself and didn't reply, hoping someone else would/did.

Oh! That quote is absolutely right! Geesh!

Stumbled you.

Sprittibee said...

Kimberly/mom - "Obamacide" is a term that was coined in an article on a news site. I figured most Christians have read the articles (I subscribe to their news feed). Here's the link in case you were interested (although I am not sure you'll be back from the tone of your comment).

Obamacide by Matt Barber

You can google the term. The reason it has been used is because he flat out lied to the public for half a decade on his support of infanticide. If you would like for me to direct you to the graphic posts about what actually happens in this "politically correct" way to kill infants, I'm sure you would probably say that was unchristian as well (but it isn't - it is the truth about what our country approves of). Jesus exposed the darkness for what it was. He didn't sugar coat it. He turned over the tables in the courtyards with Holy anger at the misuse and abuse of God's temple. Well - I'm full of unholy anger about the mistreatment of God's REAL HOLY TEMPLE - our bodies. Innocent children's bodies. And there's no apology from me for this post because if I didn't tell you what Obama stood for, then WHO WOULD?

And also - the "Obama-bin-Laden" reference comes because of Obama's middle-east ties. And because I think he's a terrorist for being the cause of so many infants' un-needed deaths. "Bin Laden" means "son of Laden", so if anything, I should have left Laden out of this. Assuming Laden doesn't hold the same hate for Americans that his son does. So if anyone here deserves an apology, it is Mr. Laden.

I think if you REALLY do your research in to the kind of "Christian" church that this man goes to.... the kind of pastor he has... the kind of people who attend his church (Oprah has her own church of spirituality and believes that Jesus is NOT the only way to heaven - even yelled at someone on national TV for saying it!)... you would know that Obama is all FLUFF and LIES.

Jib Jab got him right when they put him talking his circles on a white unicorn in fairy land. He's just about as REAL as a white unicorn in fairy land.

Now I'm not saying I love McCain, nor that I would have voted for him if I had a choice. But next to Obama, Bozo the Clown looks like a qualified leader.

That's not being rude. That's being realistic. Sorry for being unable to sugar-coat these things well enough, but the cut and dried of the matter seems to be all I can swallow lately after watching a friend hug her husband and grieve over her son's casket.

I love Jesus. I love America. I love our constitution that affords us the freedom to speak our minds. I love our military for spending precious blood to keep our nation safe. I love the fact that we can worship freely. I even love my enemies because I pray for them. But if I can step out and speak up while we still have the freedom to do so... and help to save someone out there who may not know the truth about Obama - so be it. I'll take the heat.

I hope you are more disappointed in Obama than you are of me.

Anonymous said...

Oooh that is too funny!

Linda said...

Tell the truth and keep telling the truth:o) Obama is DANGEROUS and if he is elected our way of life will end, our rights as Christians will disappear, and we will be subject to the rules and regulations of the United Nations, no longer a sovereign nation. He will make eight years of Bill Clinton look like a wonderful vacation. I can't even figure out where this guy came from. Seems like he appeared one day as the 'anointed one' and the press just drools and fawns all over him. Thanks again for telling the truth.

Gretchen said...

I absolutely agree 100%. The best blog title I saw was about the fact that we are still electing a president, not a Messiah, right?! I hope that this election in particular gets people into the voting booth!

char said...


KC said...

Amen and Amen.. I could not agree with you more.

Amy B said...

PREACH, girl! Speak the truth because obviously there are still people who need to hear it.

I wish Tiany and I could have gone to the funeral but they announced on Friday morning that they were gonna start contraflow on Saturday night and that would have meant we couldn't get home to be with our families. I so wanted to be there with you all for Marsha. I hope you gave her an extra hug for us.

love ya girl!

Gwendolyn said...

One Word: AMEN!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Personally, McCain choosing Sarah Palin as his VP has made it quite easy for me to vote Mccain for President. (whereas before I was doing it just to vote against Obama)

Now: we just have to get registered to vote in the first 10 days in Texas so we'll make the deadline so we CAN vote!

Sisterlisa said...

Heather, I think you compiled this article quiet well. I got flack from the article I wrote about his views on infant life, but I won't remove my post. It's like your other readers said here, no sugar coating please. ;O)

God called people out on their deeds just as clear and sometimes more blunt that this. What are Democrats thinking? Are they closing their eyes to these facts or what?!?

Anonymous said...

I would never be able to live with myself if I didn't tell people what Obama really stands for.

Mitzi said...

Amen, sister! You keep on being real and don't worry about other people. You were right on.

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure what is so un-Christian about expressing your views with passion. If that's the case, then I have a reservation in a very special place in Hell.

I do believe that this election is about picking the lesser of two evils. Obama's abortion views were the cincher for me. McCain isn't my favorite person, but I couldn't live with myself knowing I voted for a man so open-minded about abortion.

I stay away from political conversation, in every social situation. Politics are ugly and bring the worst out in people. But sometimes things need to be shared. Thank you for your honesty. And your passion. Grayness is boring and...well...shady (no pun intended). :)

Homeskool-R-Us Mom said...


Kimberly/Mom in the City said...

Sprittibee, thanks for responding to my comment. I think that where we disagree in what is “Christ-like” is that the Bible calls us to speak the truth, but it calls us to speak it "in love" ((Eph 4:15). I understand that you're speaking the truth (as you see it anyway). What I see as sorely lacking was the "in love" part.

I guess that's probably why Jesus didn't get caught up in the politics of his time - it brings out strong emotions in people that don't necessarily come off as beneficial or constructive (1 Cor 10:23).

Corey said...

Hey, Sprittibee. Not sure if you remember me from some of your evolution/creationism posts from awhile back.

I think you better do some research about Obama and his links to the Middle East (taught as a Muslim).

At the democratic convention, there was a group, Clintons for McCain, who suggested this and the reporter asked them for what evidence they had. They would not say who the former congressional invesitgator who reported that Obama went to a Muslim school. They also said that Obama is not qualified.

Also, Sarah Palin claims to be pro-life, yet she supports gun rights and has said that she would sign a death penalty law.

Sprittibee said...


Jesus spoke harshly to religious leaders. He called them plenty of names - including whitewashed tombs (as good as dead - pretty on the outside and death on the inside). He wasn't your average 'lamb'. He spoke with authority. I don't think calling it "Obamacide" if Obama supports it (killing infants) is bad at all. I don't understand what you mean when you say I'm telling the truth (as I see it). I listed FACTUAL articles for each statement I made - press releases, news releases, etc. I'm not making up stories about the man. I think you should do your research. I don't see how a Christian could vote for a man who would see evidence of what a late term abortion is and vote for it... or to KNOW what the Born Alive Act stands for and vote against it. It is one thing to abstain from voting, quite another to be a blatant and unrelenting supporter on the fathest left of the liberal pro-deathers. That's what Obama is.



I do remember you. I have done LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of research on Obama - from BOTH sides of the political fence. I have read and read until I am blue in the face. Quite sadly, you obviously haven't... because while it may be a coin-toss whether Obama is a true Christian or whether he is a true Muslim (no one really knows but God and him), it is a FACT that he enrolled in school as a Muslim (his parents signed him in as a muslim on the roster: "At first, Obama attended the Catholic school, Fransiskus Assisis, where documents showed he enrolled as a Muslim, the religion of his stepfather"). The country of Indonesia is a battle ground of human rights violations and a place where Muslim radicals pour acid on people, shoot them point blank if they don't convert to Muslim from Christianity upon demand, women are stolen and raped, children are brutally murdered... etc. Entire Christian villages have been burned, pillaged, razed and destroyed. At one point, I dontated money to a charity that was boating Christians to safety because of the radical government there. I don't care if he went to a public school or not - it was in INDONESIA!

On the abortion/gun rights/pro-life thing... I believe in the constitution which affords me the right to bear arms. I believe that those who murder in cold blood should get the death penalty. I also believe that being pro-life doesn't mean you can't believe those two things. We all have free will in this life. A baby doesn't have free will... it needs protection. A criminal does - and if they come to my home, I'm not stupid enough to have a sign on the door saying "proudly unarmed".

You should get Ann Coulter's new book.

- Heather

Kimberly/Mom in the City said...


It's obvious that this is a highly emotional topic for you (which is totally fine).

I'll email you directly though. I just don't think that it's fruitful to keep going back and forth through the comments section.

Queenie Bee said...

love, love, LOVE this photo!!! Do you mind if I post it on my blog?

Sprittibee said...

Sure, Queenie! You can feel free to use the photo - it was an emailed one, so I don't have rights to it anyway.

Emily said...

Hey, in contrast to your first (and last?) comment....
I'm putting you ON my blogreader. :) You go girl.

Speaking the always speaking the truth. Some people just can't handle it.

I'll hang my vote on the abortion issue EVERY time. It's life or death.



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