September 05, 2008

"They Have Decided To Follow Jesus..."

Not only did my two kids get baptized yesterday (praise the Lord), but my cousin's daughter made that same choice a week or two ago. I prefer pool water, myself. Or clear creek water. However, a dirty cow tank and a cold baptistery is better than nothing!

Izzy and Uncle Cotton

My children had been talking about this moment for a long time. They have been studying and learning for years now about the Bible and what it means for them. We waited a little bit to make sure they understood things and were delighted when they made the final decision and told us they were ready.

Morgan was glad they cleaned the crickets out of the baptistery; but not so sure about the baptism zipper suits.

Morgan waiting her turn.

Kaden was not to happy about the heater being broken. He told Daddy he might die if he had to get all the way in that water. We joked that at least we would know he was going to heaven.

Daddy and Kaden

We followed up with some pizza and fellowship, and plan to truly enjoy the children's first communion this coming Sunday at church. It is sad and yet wonderful to see your children growing up - but if they have to grow up, the best way is in the Lord.

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Smockity Frocks said...

HOORAY! It's so wonderful to see our children making that important decision. Our 3rd was baptized last month. We are so proud of her (and our other 2) and I know you feel the same way!


Wandering No More said...

That's Awesome!! Watching a baptism is one of my favorite things to do in life! Thanks for sharing your photos.

Anonymous said...


Katey said...

Isn't it wodnerful to see them make such an important choice. Our 2nd re-deditcated his life after a CIY youth conference and was batized last month....there are pics on my blog.....

momteacherfriend said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome!
I love baptisms. And yes I nearly always cry.

Sheri said...

That's wonderful!! Gavin's been asking repeatedly to be baptized, but we are trying to have him wait until he's a little older.

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Oh how precious! I'd be bawling my eyes out.

Kathy D.

Kelli said...

How wonderful!!! Everytime I see a child or a teenager being baptised I cry. Usually my husband is the one doing doing the baptism, and he has been known to choke up, too. So happy for the kiddos!!!

Pufferfish Mommy said...

I have tears of joy in my eyes, as well, Bee. Please give those two precious children a big hug from all of us and tell them we are rejoicing for our new brother and sister in Christ! Congratulations to all of you! How sweet it is to trust in Jesus!!!


Sisterlisa said...

How sweet! Timmy just got baptized too. Pics coming soon.
Congrats little Bees!!!

Stacy(Aussie in America) said...

That is really exciting!

In Australia, after anyone was baptized, we would always sing, "I have decided to follow Jesus." I love that song :)

Have a happy day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, every parent's dream!


Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

They are new in Christ, now just not your children, but your brother and sister in the Lord. Marvel.

I rejoice with you, Heather... Dance with the angels!

Kelli said...

Stop by my blog when you get a chance. Tagged you!!!

Shannon said...

Praise the Lord for you two precious ones!
Our son was baptized last month, and it was such a special time. Baptism always bring happy tears!
Blessings to you and your family,

Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

Oh, Heather, how wonderful! I know you must be so happy. Tell the kids hello from me. :-)

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful time for your family. Thanks so much for sharing this!
Our God is so good, giving us the Gift of Living Water!

Heather said...

Thanks for the sweet comments to all that have left them. I've been super busy this weekend and still having pregnancy issues. Hopefully I'll be back to my blogging self soon!

I'm going to let the kids read these this week. :)

We are very proud of them. They took communion at church today. My son looked at us funny when we held the trays in front of him. Like, "Hu???" Hahaha! Morgan took nearly 1/4 of the cracker! LOL

Sallie said...

Heather -- Congrats!!! That is so awesome!! I wish I had read this before they took communion. Our pastor invited a few people getting baptized this past Sunday, who also just happened to be having their first communion as well, to keep their cups for a shadow box reminder. I thought it was a lovely idea!!

Congrats on the pregnancy.. I must be way out of the loop because I don't even remember reading that in my google reader!

God bless,



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