October 19, 2008



Oh, the memories. Rice noodles, ground chicken, egg, cilantro, chives, Serrano pepper, and a gooey brown sweet and sour sauce. I tried once to have this at a restaurant (Mee Krob) and they brought out this poofy white fried rice noodle dish with freaky squid, shrimp and chicken and the sauce was RED. No thanks. I prefer my own "Twice a Year Thai". I haven't ever found a better recipe. It is so awfully greasy and messy to cook, though... that I just can't make it more than once or twice a year. Last week was the window. My mother, the kids and I all fought for the scant leftovers the next day. Mmmm. I heart you Mee Krob.

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carrhop said...

Looks awesome!! Glad you stopped by my place and admired Beans! She was pretty cool--as lizards go (hee hee)!

momteacherfriend said...

That sounds so delicious.
And looks fabulous.

SaraMinerva said...

You and I (and our husbands, I guess haha) should take a trip back to Thailand. The food that comes from the open-front shacks is the most amazing stuff I have ever eaten. The homemade sauces and sticky rice and meat and curries and....ohhhh.... *tear, sniff sniff*
Not to mention our beloved Thai tea....
There is a Thai restaurant on 35 between RoundRock and Austin. I have been unsuccessful in dragging my husband there. Maybe you and I should go.



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