May 26, 2006

Vacation Photos

I can't believe I've stayed up all night doing photos. I shouldn't have taken a nap today. I couldn't sleep tonight, so I got up at almost 2 AM to mess around on the computer. I saved a few of my favorite vacation photos (there were over 200 photos to pick from) on Flickr. Have a look if you are interested. Otherwise, I'll be back in here after I get a nap in before breakfast!


Dana said...

Glad I'm not the only one guilty of that from time to time! And I got you loaded up on TTLB. It can take a few hourse for it to get updated, though!

Cindy said...

Hey there,

It was great to see you, even though for a short time. Thanks for fitting us into your busy travel schedule!

Great pictures!


Sprittibee said...

Thanks Dana. :) I slept from 6:30am-10:20am (and amazingly, I feel great today)... so hopefully by tonight, I'll be back on a normal routine and tired again at bedtime. I made the mistake of drinking a coke when we ate fast food last night (at around 8:30pm). It made my heart race all night, which mixed with my nap I had taken earlier (due to sinus meds), made for a VERY BRIGHT-EYED night-owl. ;)

Cindy! ;) Hey girl. The visit was waaaay too short. Next time we come to Austin, we'll try and stay with you so the kids can go crazy. :) I was looking through those Christmas photos from last year of our kids wearing all your Darth Vadar gear last night while I was up. I was upset that we didn't have any more pictures from vacation to add to flickr of you guys. Great to see you. Wish you could have gone to the Book Fair. Maybe next year!



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