June 20, 2006


Please forgive my obvious technical difficulties. I'm looking into figuring out how I can fix the problems. In the mean time, please read the posts and ignore the fact that my blog appears to only be half-way loaded in your browser. Geocities has been hosting my images and if too many people download my images (including the background images for this blog) in an hour, they turn me off. This means I'm going to start to have to PAY them for hosting my files if I want YOU to be able to see them all the time.

Hmmmm.... any better ideas?

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Shelly said...

What about www.photobucket.com?

I use them for all of my ebay stuff and they seem to work well...and are free!

Sheri said...

I use Photobucket for my images too...never had a problem.

Natalie Jost said...

If you already use flickr, why not just upload them there and then tag them "blog-design" - that way you have them all in one spot and you don't have to keep track of where you keep which images. You can blog images from flickr too which is really nice. Once you set it up you can blog without ever opening blogger.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Shelly and Sheri! I'll have to check Photobucket out. I have tried quite a few programs in the past few days... some file upload/download/share programs, Kodak, Yahoo Briefcase, Tripod, Buzznet, etc. None are as easy to use as Geocities and Flickr. Buzznet agrivated me with it's tacky skin-photos on the main page and nasty ads. Kodak's Easy Share is nice, but it doesn't allow url linking for free.

Great idea, Natalie... I get stuck on one thing and don't have the time to go try new ones. So I guess these little trails are helping to grow me into a more tech-savy blogger. By the way, thank you AGAIN for your hard work and creative expertise! You did an awesome job on the re-design.

lucky said...

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