July 30, 2007

Digging Out of Boxes

This morning we've had a plumber, a house-builder, a contractor, a drywall guy, and soon-to-be a painter at the house. The door frames are fixed, the hot water in the master sink is working, the garage sheet rock is floated, and pretty soon my trim will be touched up. I love the sound of electric nail guns and people banging on walls. I actually like painting, too. I'm so excited that I get to paint this place. When I'm done, there won't be a white wall in the house.

Although we still don't have our beds (they were in the back of the storage unit and we only got half of it emptied), we have been sleeping well on borrowed foam and air mattresses. The living room is finished, the kitchen is functional (still a few boxes here and there with kitchen things possibly), and our clothes are in the general vicinity of our closets. Without dressers, we have resorted to piles.

My project today is the downstairs dining room which we are using as a school room. For now, we have three pine dressers (one of which is still in storage) to put our books on. I'm going to sell them and get something white at IKEA that doubles as a desktop surface for working... and possibly chalkboard doors. Or maybe not. I haven't figured it out yet. Plus, there's hardly money for furniture in the budget after this EXPENSIVE move.

I still haven't checked my mail yet. Most of it is going to my father-in-law's house anyway. If you wrote me, I apologize for the delay. Hopefully the bills won't be overdue. I'll be picking up most of my mail when I go pick up my computer. Right now, this laptop will have to do (although it takes me twice as long to get a post out on a laptop keyboard). The camera has to be at Nana's (as some of you kindly suggested). So I'll be sure to look there when we get the chance to go for a weekend trip. Not sure when that will be... since Nana's is rather far and payday is not until the 3rd. Plus....One of my best buddies is moving away across the world a week from Wednesday. I want to be here to see her and her family off. That means that the mail, the computer, and the camera (etc.) will have to wait.

Well, I hope you are enjoying your last few days of summer. As soon as we get the rest of our stuff out of storage and get unpacked, I'll be able to start to think about school. Moving is tough. However, we are very thankful and are working hard to get settled in. If you need boxes, you know where to find them... and if you happen to be gifted in unpacking, give me a call... I'm sure we can put you to work.

Have a super Monday.

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Jocelyn said...

Oh, I wish we lived closer... I've come help you unpack! I hope you don't wear yourself out too much! i think of you often!


Tiany said...

Yikes, we would come help too! It seems lately we have had lots of friends moving into town and or moving out and hubby has become a professional mover LOL

Praying the rest of the move goes smoothly!

Bunny Trails said...

I'm so glad that you're back in Texas and in the process of getting settled. It's such an answer to prayer. I know moving is crazy, but at least when the dust settles, you'll be "home."

Praying as ever,
Dianne :D

blue thistle books said...

Now you are my kind of girl! I detest white walls. There is nary a single one at my house either.

I hope all goes well with your unpacking and easy does it on IKEA! I was there last weekend and blew a bundle...accidentally of course.


chickadee said...

congratulations on the move. i know you were longing to be back in Texas. and congratulations on the baby! i read a few posts to catch up. how exciting!

Sprittibee said...

Jocelyn - ;) Thanks so much sweetheart. I wish that we could get that other website up and running. I feel awful for neglecting my recipe blog and the Homeschool Blog Awards.

Tiany - Thanks for the well wishes. :) THANKFULLY we have a good number of friends and a church family that we already have been a part of here that are willing to help. ;)

Bunny Trails - Yes mam. This was certainly an answer to many a long prayer for years. I think about that often as I drink in the hill country (visually) and savor the BBQ. Mmmmm. I ate way too much of it last night.

Hey Hallie ! :) Wish you could help me paint. I doubt that I'll get that done until next year since it probably isn't good for the baby if I were to paint while pregnant. Yes, I certainly understand the wickedness of IKEA. I actually was stupid enough to have a credit card there in my earlier years. Thank the Lord I got it paid off and quit being a frequent shopper! Now that there is an IKEA in the Austin metroplex, I worry that my resolve will fail me.

Chickadee - :) THANKYA, MAM. I appreciate the congratulations. I need to get over there and check to see what is going on with you as well. ;)



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