August 02, 2007

School, Scary Shots, Storage and Stuff

I got an email from Randi today. I know she meant well. She's having a "Back to Homeschool Week" over at her blog that you might want to check out. She's also sharing her cute graphic if you choose to post a link to her blog with your back to school info. However, here at Sprittibee's house - we are having a "holy-mess of moving chaos week month". As if I am ready to discuss "Back to School". Sorry folks. It just. isn't. hap-nen. I did, however, find my KONOS Volume 1 and my lesson planner yesterday. That is progress if you ask me. Sadly, I still have a stack of grading to get done for the last week or two of school that we did in early June before our world went crazy. Then I have report cards and planning... and a co-op meeting next week... and extra-curricular activities to research. All while my life dangles out of one moving box to the next.

No, really. I'm OK.

And then there was the recent baby scare. I thought Monday that maybe the baby wasn't going to be. I got a call (after spotting) from the doctor's assistant who told me that I had low progesterone levels. It appears I will have to endure... er, enjoy a 4 inch needle stuck into my hindquarters twice a week with injected "natural" hormones because my ovaries are not feeling up to this pregnancy just yet. I am not one of the passing-out types with shots. I can even watch when they draw 15,000 viles of blood from my arm without a flinch. However, a 4 inch needle going in to your buttocks is not the best feeling the the whole world (especially since it takes TWO WHOLE MINUTES to administer the shot). No. I'm not kidding. The nurse had to time it. She says it keeps me from getting a "Whelp". With as sore as my hiney has been since Tuesday morning, I would HATE to know what The "Whelp" might feel like.

The things we mothers do for our kids.

On top of the lack of schoolishness and the crazy hormonal issues, we still are not moved completely in to the house. Kev hasn't gotten his first paycheck yet, either. We have a few favorite grandparents (to our children) who have graciously loaned us a few bucks to tide us over. My mom has offered a lot of moral support with me being sicky from the shots (progesterone slows your colon and gives you raging headaches) and she has been a great babysitter. I am wondering when my kids will sleep in their OWN rooms instead of down there in Chickie's room? Right now, the entire upstairs has been just me and Kev... and the cat when she's feeling friendly (with my cat, that is almost an oxy-moron).

This evening, I believe we are going to make one more attempt to get my junk out of storage. Looks sunny enough. I sure will be glad to sleep on my bed again. Hope that the helpers won't be mad that I can't afford the pizza and coke this time around. Tomorrow night we are heading out of town to go chase down a TV, a computer, a laundry hamper, and the mysterious vanishing camera. Hopefully I'll be back Saturday with my in-laws. Do forgive me if I am unable to blog. Just take comfort knowing that I'm thinking about you all... and "mind-blogging" as I go along my busy way. Maybe soon I'll have some pictures in here so you won't feel so neglected.

"I love you, man."

Thanks for sticking out this craziness. You are the best blog-readers. Give yourself a big hug from me.

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Mrs said...

Thankful for God's protection over your little one!

Will be praying for you. It's OK to have a "I need to delegate" year and let others do the checking and planning for the co-op! And if things don't happen the way they should have, that's OK TOO.

Brenda said...

I am exhausted by reading this post. Suddenly my little list of to do's doesn't sound so bad!!!!

It will all come together soon! I'm glad you still have a sense of humor!

Sprittibee said...

Mrs. - Thank you. :) I need all the prayers I can get. Trust me, I'm taking it easy this year. No exploding volcano tricks - honest.

Brenda - Yeah, I am tiring myself out thinking about tonight. ;) I kind of shocked myself by being able to laugh about all this, too. I guess that is just the Grace of God. Thank goodness for Him. I don't know how non-believers get through the perils of life.

Renae said...

Oh, friend...If you need any help with the moving, let us know. We'd be happy to lend a hand or a place to sit and put your feet up without boxes surrounding you. I'll be praying for your pregnancy. I had to take progesterone with my first, but I was offered a nice pill form. Sorry to hear about the needles. Yucky.

ComfyDenim said...

I've given myself that prescribed hug - and it's also okay to give yourself a little grace not to have it all in place yet.

I don't think any of us feel left out - we just want you to be healthy and not stressed...even if that means we don't hear from you.

Maybe it's time to call in some favors? Helpers? Friends? Have an unpacking party?

Marcy Muser said...


So sorry you have to go through progesterone shots. With my older daughter we did in-vitro fertilization (yes, she's a "test tube baby"); I had to put up with those shots the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. UGH! I know of no other shot that painful. I don't envy you. You can expect to be sore (though much less so) for some months even after you don't need the shots.

And yes, be thankful for the slow shots - it is FAR more painful if it's given quickly. My dh learned to give me the shots, and we discovered early on it was better to force it through a smaller needle than recommended so it went in more slowly. (My dh fixes cars, so he has very strong hands; most people can't use a smaller needle, but it sounds like your nurse has figured out how to give it more slowly in a different way.)

Best wishes and prayers for a successful pregnancy!

Randi said...

Very soon you will find yourself all unpacked and settled in your new home. I hope that things go smoothly and that it happens sooner than later! ;)

Tiany said...

I had to have the progesterone shots with my first after having a miscarriage! Praying all goes well with you and baby!!!

Not that you can participate right now but I too am hosting a "Homeschool Open House" its going on now and we have tons of neat prizes!!! Every participant will receive a free e-book from Biblical Womanhood!

Looking forward to checking out Randis homeschooling week too!


Amy said...

ouch ouch ouch. A 4-inch needle? For 2 minutes? ouch ouch ouch. Praise God for modern medicine, even if it is painful.

Amy Grant said...

Praying for all the best!!

And keep laughing... it's good for you! ;o)

SeaBird said...

I sympathize with you on the scary shots. I can pass out, too. I had to have a series of steroid shots at 30 weeks pergnant because they knew my boys would be premature and wanted to speed up their lung development. My butt hurt for days!

mommyof2galz said...

Things will work out

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one are glad you're coming to the co-op meeting! Let me know if you need a pillow to sit on! We are praying!

Be Blessed!
Terri Sue

sprittibee said...

:) Thanks Mommyof2galz. :) I know they will.

Ladybug said...

My heart goes out to you. Hang in there. This too shall pass...

"My Little Wonders" said...

Sorry to hear about the shots....ouch!
Glad that the babe is fine too!
Blessings Lori

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing about 'back to homeschool' - I am really looking for ward to it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just trying to do a little catching up with you and find myself trying to catch my breath!

I, too, had problems with my progesterone levels (3 miscarraiges) -- thankfully, for me (I hate needles!!!) my doctor prescribed Progesterone, in pill form, for the first 3 months.
Now, I've heard rumor, that the Rx was developed by my OB and his OB partner -- not sure if this is true. But it still sounds like a better option than that icky needle! Ask your doctor about it!

We're in Louisiana (hi, neighbor!) Maybe your doctor can get you some!

Many Blessings,

Heather said...

Renae - I appreciate the offers. I would love to have help unpacking, but I know you have a handful of toddlers to keep in line. ;)

Comfydenim - :) Thanks for the permissions. Your unpacking party idea is king. I just hate to ask for favors after everyone practically moved all of my stuff (out of storage) without my help already.

marcy muser - I am very thankful for the shots if they are helping my baby. I did get to see the little heart beating (at 5 weeks!) when the baby was as small as a black-eyed pea! Anything that is helpful for my body while I house the little one is good enough for me. :) "Sometimes love has to drive a nail into it's own hand".

randi - Thanks for the encouragement. I hope it happens quickly, too. Sitting in here and blogging is not making it go faster, however! I better get back to my box tower.

tiany - Thanks for the prayers. Your contest sounds great. I would just be happy to have my house finished and school started right now. :) I'll keep persevering until I'm there!

Amy - the 4inch part was a bit of a fish story. It is more like 2 inches. I got the kit for my mom to administer them at home this week and I got a much closer look at the needles. They are long, but not THAT long.

Amy - :) Laughter really is the best medicine, isn't it? I have really enjoyed having my kids around (10 and 8). They are a riot. They keep me in stitches.

Seabird - Ahhh, the butt bruises. Aren't they a joy? At least it is there in the soft fatty area and not in some other more useful place! ;)

Terri Sue - Please keep me informed of what is going on in the land of the organized and on-time! ;) Thanks for the prayers, too. Hopefully I can get dug out soon and get caught up with everyone else.

Ladybug - :) Thanks!!!

mylittlewonders - Thanks for the blessings. :)

Amy - Have a super homeschool beginning this year! We always go out to eat at IHOP or some other breakfast place on the first day of school and discuss our goals for the year over a nice, big breakfast. :) Then we go to Target or some other mega-store and buy NEW school supplies to take home and organize.

Julie - :) Wow. 3 Miscarraiges. I'm so sorry for your losses. That must have been so hard. I am very blessed that my doctor tested my progesterone levels in the first place since I had never had a miscarraige and had relatively uneventful pregnancies that went full term and delivered healthy babies in the past. Granted, it has been 8 years since my last delivery (my kids are 10 and 8)... and I'll be over 34 during this birth... but he really had no reason to test for my progesterone level. I'm certainly glad that he did. God is awesome... and I am quite sure that He's in control.

By the way, Hi neighbor! Did you read my "Understanding your LA Houseguest" post from back during Katrina? Or my Rita Freeway Trauma post? :) We got a cup from the New Orleans Police after my son wrote them a card telling them he was praying for them. It was so sweet.



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