July 26, 2007

Quick Update from Movingland

We're still in the whirlwind, but I thought I would stop in at the library and let you cyber-people know what is going on with us. The "baby" doctor appointment went well. The due date for the 'little critter' is March 24th. I had to give half of my blood yesterday at a local lab... and will have to do it again tomorrow. My daughter was brave enough to go in with me yesterday and watch.

Today is moving day (or rather, tonight), so I might actually get everything out of storage and into my house if the rain holds off.

There are a lot more things that I could add to my to-do list from my last post... but my brain is wanting to overload on me right now. It is a miracle I'm able to form complete sentences and remember passwords. Prayers are coveted.

The cable man is coming to my house on the 1st of August to throw me a life-line. Library visits are not the most convenient way to keep up with the blogosphere. Hope to be connected again soon... with camera in hand. If not, I may have to make a road trip out of town next week to search the in-law's house.

Thanks for your patience as this blog experiences "technical difficulties".

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ggggb said...

I'd check Nana's, since those were the last bee-utiful pics we saw. Godspeed.

bigwhitehat said...

Moving Sucks. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I did it ! It's done !!

Amy said...

Aww, I hope the little critter is born on March 25th, because that's my son's birthday.

You'll always be in my prayers

Katey said...

Praying for your brain to stay intact, your camera to be found, and most importantly, for you to get the needed rest for that new little bee....how appropriate to be a spring baby :)

groovyoldlady said...


I just helped my friend clean house A after she moved into house B. The experience firmly reminded me that I never want to move again. But I probably will because this house is really WAY too big for us. We need to downsize.

Well, you're almost done. Hang in there!

bev said...

Sounds like things are pretty crazy down there. I'm praying everything will settle down soon and you'll adjust quickly to the new "hive". :)

Can't wait to see pics of the new house!

Cindy Swanson said...

Just as I was about to click out of your page, I saw the cute little "why don't you comment?" badge! So I came back to add a comment. I know I'm always hoping for more comments on my own blog!

You have a great blog here...it's been a while since I've stopped in!

Marye said...

I have just come off a month of computer issues adn library computers..yuck!
Congrats on the new little one...March is a great month to have a baby!! ;)

Sheri said...

Thanks for the update! I am glad you are doing well and not too terribly sick (? Hopefully)

Bunny Trails said...

Glad to hear things are coming together - I know it's fast, but hopefully you'll be in a (slightly) calmer place quicker! Sounded good, anyway!

Praying as ever,
Dianne :D

Homeschool said...

Congrats on closing! It looks like you got the only good weather we've had in weeks on your moving night and day after. :o)
My Bday is 3/23, so that's a great month for a baby!

Sprittibee said...

ggggb - Good idea! That is exactly where I think it is... which is too bad, because just the gas for the trip is going to net over 100$.

BWH - Yeah, you're tellin' me. We added it up and in the past 14 years, we've lived 15 different places.


Amy - I don't know very many March birthdays. :) I don't really have a preference. :) 25th or 24th is fine with me! I'll most likely go early, though. If I have my way, that is.

Katey - Thanks for the prayers. My brain needs them more than ever. I've been having the most awful dreams. Last night my husband was cheating and I murdered the girl, the night before my mom died in a car wreck... I'm afraid to go to sleep! My husband dreamed that we were house sitting this huge house and the people warned us not to go in the long hallway after dark. There were zombies that came out after the lights went out. YUCK. I guess he's having sympathy nightmares.

GOL - We have to buy a lawn mower and a vacuum cleaner... I already need to vacuum after the first half of our stuff got here. We still have 1/2 of a storage unit to clean out.

Bev - Hey, when we get settled in maybe you can take a road trip! :) I am not sure the house is all that much to photograph. Just a cookie cutter 2 story with builder-grade landscaping.

Cindy - Thanks for the comment. :) Do stop by again when things are not so crazy! If you haven't noticed, my life is upside down right now and we are working on getting it set rightside up.

Marye - A month of computer issues? I guess it pays to have a techie in the family. I'm using pirated bandwidth right now. Someone in our neighborhood didn't put a password on their wireless! Yipee for me! This old laptop is coming in handy since my PC is in another city.

Sheri - How are you doing??? I am not sick very much. Just off and on discomfort and some other issues that are not all of the time. Very rare nausea. Very tired. Very thirsty. Having to take multiple breaks between unboxing the kitchen and school room.... and still not done moving yet. Moving during pregnancy is not recommended.

Quick and fast sounds great Dianne! I want the house to be finished quickly and to be done moving FAST. ;) Thanks for the prayers.

homeschool - Thanks on the congrats. Now I know another good March day. Hoping this baby is a sweet and passive one - that is healthy and happy. I hope she or he is like my husband's cousin who was born when her older sister was in highschool. She is such a sweet Christian girl and has been a joy to her mother all through her growing up.



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