November 14, 2007

Get Well Card


Had to share my get well card with you all. Seems a very observant little 8 year old girl knows that her mom wears firecracker Old Navy pajama bottoms and that the throat spray is by "Vick". That swollen tonsil she drew up there is pretty accurate stuff, too. My throat was awful scratchy and sore yesterday.

The prayers are working... I'm feeling a little better and we might just go on a nature walk today to get out of the house. I think we all have a bit of cabin fever. I could use some real clothes, hair rollers and make-up for a change today, too. I'm tired of the 'pajama mama' sick-house routine.

I have to say that yesterday we DID actually do some school! Surprisingly, we got the following done:

2 Konos Discussions about animals finding mates and pheromones
Care for the caterpillar who actually ate some red-oak leaves yesterday
picking apart a spider web to look inside (one of those sack-type webs)
Cracking pecans with grandma (for pecan pie next week - mmmm!)
Reading library books about fish
Family read-aloud: "Five Little Peppers and How they Grew" (we are all hooked)
Watching 'The Waltons: The Gift' with Daddy
Kaden's piano lesson

Not bad for a sick day, eh?

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SeaBird said...

Wow - your sick days are way more productive than our healthy days!! We usually have caterpillars crawling around in our house (comes with life in south Florida) and the boys "care" for them by wiping them with their blanket or having extensive conversations with them :)

Linda said...

Great card!! Your daughter is VERY observant. In our family, we call that thing that dangles in your throat the "courage hangy ball". The girls learned that from an episode of "Full House" back in the 90's!

Glad you're feeling a bit better!

sara d said...

LOL! You know, I guess we were all passing around germs that Saturday, b/c the next day M got a bad cold, and then John and I. We've been fighting it off since then. I thought my head was going to explode for several days, from all the sinus pressure. Here's hoping we all get better soon! :)

Sprittibee said...

Seabird - I have to admit, this caterpillar thing is really awesome. I may just make this a year-round project... watch out little critters! He is soooo cool. We got him some new leaves today and he was munching them and we put our ears to his little jar and it was like listening to the ocean waves - you could hear his little jaws biting the leaves. Ha!

Linda - I've never heard that term. :) I never really watched Full House. I was more of a "Growing Pains" girl (way back in the day). Ha!

Sara - Sorry to give you the germies... if it was me, in fact (or the rest of my pack). We certainly have had a nasty spell of sickness since we've been back home from AR. Seems like as soon as school started, all medical mayhem broke loose for us! Day 1 of school was the miscarriage... and we have been all off and on sick since. We are holding out and won't go to the doctor unless it is serious, though... since our medical insurance has been basically canceled (that is what I call a 2200$ deductible)... might as well NOT have insurance.

Dana said...

I am glad you are feeling better...and great picture! Was that your "nature walk" for the day? : )

lindafay said...

I just love this picture! What a funny daughter you must have. I hope you get well soon!


Nan said...

That is possibly the cutest picture I've ever seen!! I love it! I hope you are feeling all better now!

Heather said...

Dana - Thanks. :) I'm glad I'm feeling better, too!!!

Lindafay - Yeah, she's a cutie, ain't she? ;) Between her and her brother - we don't need TV to entertain us!!!

Nan - :) I thought so, too. Her brother and her have been drawing since they were little kiddos. ;) I always fall in love with their drawings. It is so neat to see stuff that kids make. I do feel lots better, thanks!

Traci Best said...

LOL! Holy COW I thought I was the only one who used The Waltons as home school material!!! (I just blogged about that today! Weird!)

Hope you are feeling better soon!


KarenW said...

Love the get well card! Great job!!

gina said...

I love the pic!

We 've been battling various stages of illness over the last few weeks. Hang in there!!



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