April 17, 2008

Stuff You NEED to Know

I found some WMD!!! Go see!!!

Wanting this.
Made me mad.
Don't forget. (today is the 17th!)


The HSBA (Homeschool Blog Awards) website has had a makeover. Our talented Dawn of My Home Sweet Home has done a smashing job with the gorgeous template. Stop over and leave her a comment or just leave a comment on any of our super author's posts. Today's post is an interview with Mama Archer. I guess I can forgive her this time for not sending a photo of her blogging desk in with her interview request!

Also spectacular is this month's issue at Heart of the Matter Online (HOTM). My long-winded sequel to the last political post in here is in their April issue. Hop over and read my article about Good Citizenship and the GOP delegate meeting we attended. You can also print the magazine off in PDF format to save your eyes. They are having a conference soon that you can sign up for. I'll be one of the speakers for that. If you sign up, tell them I sent you!

Here's a great link for girls: Growing in Grace Magazine! Young and teen girls can write articles, share photos for contests, and be a part of a wonderful support group online. Morgan won their pet of the month contest a while back when she submitted a photo of her and our cat Quaker. I love GGM and hope they go to print!


Great news: 1. We are going to see family this weekend. 2. I'm going to see Expelled tomorrow - opening day! 3. I'm looking forward to our trip across country with the kids for the robotics competition!

If you live in Arkansas, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Mississippi, Indiana or Missouri, I'll be waving at you as we drive through.

Also - I wanted to formally apologize for my lack of comment responses lately! If you leave your email on your comments, I am trying to get back with you via email. However, if you log in an comment anonymously, I sometimes don't have time to get back in to the web and comment on my own posts! I enjoy each one, though. They make me smile! Keep them coming!

I heart comments!

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ComfyDenim said...

So you're totally going around oklahoma?? I feel dissed. *L*
Seriously, tho --
Have a great trip!!

Sarah Schreffler said...

We're hopefully going to see Expelled on Sunday. STill working details.

Bunny Trails said...

On WMD - W - of course we totally dig Legos over here. In fact, the plan is to go to a Lego building thing in Denver tomorrow where there'll be a Lego Master Builder creating an 8' tall Yoda! Get to help and have some Lego fun.

M - yep - I read that one! GOOD GRIEF!!! Talk about clueless!

D - yikes - it IS the 17th. see, I still stink at this deal. I'll get off my derrierre and wrap this up.

I look forward to your review of Expelled.

Have fam weekend!

Anonymous said...

Feeling dumb here: what's WMD? All I can find is weapons of mass destruction - HA!

Yes, I totally don't have my swap done!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Heather, the magazine looks fascinating... you do such good work, and contribute to so many families.

THANK YOU, friend!

Have a blessed weekend, saturated with His JOY!

All's grace,



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