July 08, 2008

(Home) School Supplies for the New School Year


What do homeschool moms do during the summer? Most of us are planning out our lessons and getting the new curriculum, books and supplies for next year ready. One of the great things about being a homeschooler is not having to go to the store when everyone else is there. Just try to get school supplies in August at Wal-Mart or your local grocery store and you’ll know what I mean. Remember back when you were in public school as a kid? And mom forgot about your supplies until the last minute? Or was that just me getting run over in the isles and borrowing stuff from friends in class?

It is nice to be able to shop at leisure for school supplies at times when everyone else is at work or school – but there’s still a better way: online. With gas prices going up and expendable income going down, shopping from home sounds better and better! I heard about EZ School Supplies and decided to check them out. We live way out in the boonies, so saving trips in to town saves me big money. EZ School Supplies is a school supply company that ships supplies to your doorstep so you don't have to leave the house and waste your precious gas money driving in to (and around) town. I thought that was a great idea! Wish I had thought of it first.


EZ offers 10% off if you click over and buy your supplies from my blog (the promotion code – EZMB007 - is on the graphic in my sidebar – just enter it when you check out!). They also give 10% to a charity called the Learning Legacy Education Foundation with every order that isn’t associated with a public or private school. LLEF is a non-profit association that helps teachers and kids who can’t afford supplies get what they need for school. Aside from competitive prices and convenience, EZ School Supplies is running a teacher supply give-away contest for $1000 worth of free school supplies. Anyone can enter their child’s favorite teacher – including homeschoolers (hear that mom?)!

We found a lot of great stuff on our personal 2008-9 supply list there – including kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, rubber cement and tissue paper for art projects, 3 inch view-binders, index cards, storage boxes, calligraphy pens and red pens for grading and correcting papers. My kids thought they were getting a present when the box arrived. It got them excited about starting up the new school year and we aren’t even finished with this one yet!


Now I don’t have to drive thirty miles round trip in to town spending $4.00 per gallon along the way, drag the kids in and out of the store in the 100 degree Texas summer, and waste precious time we could be getting things done at home. I think I could get used to ordering my supplies for school online. I already order my curriculum that way if I can’t find it at the book fair’s resale store. If only they had a grocery store delivery service! Now that my supplies and curriculum are checked off on my list, I won’t have to worry about buying extra things in the “checkout isle” either (“Mom, can I pleeeeeeease get it?????”).

One more trip to the teacher supply for laminating our chore cards and we are ready to start 2008-9! Well… besides lesson plans. Too bad you can’t buy a teacher-clone from EZ School Supplies to do my lesson plans for me. Guess there will still be some work to do ~ but luckily now I’ll have more time to do it. If we could ever finish THIS school year's loose ends up!

After you get your supplies ordered, stop back in here for some lesson plan links, pdf planners, and other helps for the next school year. I hope to get a download page set up some time before the school year.

One home-school tip and a time…


hoesayfina said...

Thanks for the school supply advice. We just finished our first year of homeschooling, so I am still learning myself. thanks. -maria

Kelli said...

Hot diggety!!! I have so been dreading going to Wal-Mart to get the crayons etc.. People can get awfully mean this time of year :-}

Bunny Trails said...

I'll definitely be checking this out!

BTW - my grocery store does deliver. On that note, though, go check out what you can buy from Amazon - more than you'd have thought. Take a look at the grocery link. :D

christy said...

i am a confessed school and office supply junkie. when i was a kid and i had money, i would buy office supplies over toys and candy.
my mom would put our school supplies for the new year in the bottom drawer of my dresser, i would open it and just inhale the smell of new crayons and paper and vinyl binders.

Mrs. Darling said...

This is an excellent idea, however, it looks liek its cheaper to buy the stuff during the school sales at Walmart or Target or KMart.

Of course there's gas to figure in but I am close to both. I'll pass this along though to my girlfriend who doesnt have a car to get out. This would be perfect for her.

Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing the link! I buy nearly everything for our homeschool online too. It's just so much easier and far more fun!

Angie said...
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