August 20, 2008

Back in 1966

For shame on you clicking over to this post to see if I'm really old enough to have been alive in 1966. I just couldn't resist that Title, though. Ever since Dawn posted her infamous yearbook photos, we've been enjoying good laughs around here as we take our family members and morph them into the past. Take a look at me if I were to have graduated in 1966 (man, it is scary how much I look like my mom):

1966 realdeal

I wonder if we would have been friends if we had gone to school together? Kind of makes you feel like you are in 'Back to the Future' if you think about that kind of stuff too long.

This post is really a tag from back in the PAST. So the 1966 photos fit in just fine.

Way back in blogging eternity ago (May), Dawn tagged me with the "6" meme. In her post she admitted to typing with her toes. And she has some purdy toes, let me tell you! I don't have anything that exciting to share... but in an effort to help you nod off to sleep tonight, I figured I would play along!

RULES of the '6 Quirky Things' meme:

* Link to the person who tagged you.
* Mention the rules in your blog.
* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.
* Tag a new set of six following bloggers by linking to them.

So here's my 6:

1. I love to create artwork. Don't ask me why I never make time for it. It really is a shame. My mother is always getting on to me for wasting my "talent". I call it passion, rather than talent. I think the artist in me is why I am drawn to web design, quilt design, interior design, scrapbooking and photography. I can sit for hours clicking through the graphics on istock - seriously, y'all. It is a sickness. If only someone would mail me a free copy of photoshop and the money to take a class. A girl can dream!

2. I have eaten alligator, squid, snail, deer, eel, and frog legs. I drew the line on squirrel. And other than the deer, I can live without any of those in my diet again. Although, the frog legs were really not that bad - Cajun style, of course.

3. My first pregnancy, all I ate was chocolate. I couldn't go near my favorite Tex-Mex Cantina that I ate at every week as a religious habit. I gained 60 lbs. My son hates Mexican food and has a sweet tooth. My second pregnancy, I lived on tomatoes and cheese... and Jack in the Box Monster Tacos. I gained 30 lbs. She was nearly a 9 lb. baby! She loves Mexican food and would rather have fruit than sweets. This pregnancy I am not friendly with food. I can't eat sweets. I hope that this baby will eat SOMETHING when it gets here. I'm sensing 'high maintenance' toddler on the way... like my sister's son who lives on fries, ketchup, and croutons (no kidding).

4. I gave up Starbucks nearly three years ago. I was a once-a-weeker, but after trying Italian stovetop espresso (home made lattes) cooked with a Bialetti, Starbucks began to taste like it had dish soap in it.

5. I have a thing for tarsiers. They had my heart with one glance from those bugged out eyes. I think I would die and go to heaven if I ever got to hold a mouse lemur. I used to keep a photo of one on my bulletin board over my desk. How can you resist those eyes???? Watch out - you'll be destroyed via cuteness if you stare at them long enough.


6. My cat was voted "worst hairdo" of her senior class in 1984.


If you got a kick out of those yearbook photos, go make some of your own family and friends (or felines). Morgan is the one who came up with retro-Minga. We all had a good belly laugh. You can make your own heirloom photos at

Now for the tagging:
1. Antique Mommy, Beth, Sheri, Erin, Rhonda, Miss Hannah

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Anonymous said...

Chickie let you POST that or you did it without her permission?! LOL Ya'll are purtty down in Texas. Hehe... Say hi and give Chickie a big hug for me!!

Now your cat - THAT is SCAREEEEEEE but it was hilarious to see. :)

Love ya!

Dana said...

Ok, I think I missed that you too are pregnant? Congratulations!

And strange pictures there, girl. I don't think I want to run my pictures through that time warp.

Sheri said...

Done!! I've been wondering how you were feeling, sorry you are having such an aversion to food. I was horribly sick with all of mine but the worst was Gavin, couldn't eat a darn thing for 6 months, fed intravenously. You know, that kid would not eat solids until he was pushing 2!!!

christy said...

I had a lot of fun with yearbookyourself too. My latest time waster is hairmixer. You with celebrity hair.
That cat picture reminds me of something from the original Star Trek series.

dianne - bunny trails said...

Love the Star Trek reference to your cat! LOL! That is so funny that you and your mom have the same do. I can see your mom in your kids with that photo.

I'm not sure if those eating things panned out with my kids. I had to eliminate all sugar with my first and he is a sugar junkie. Hmmm.

Fun post! :D

Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

No bad comments about 1966 - I was born in that year!

I'm only creative with mouse and keyboard (and camera). My dad draws very well.

I gagged while reading #2.

Thanks for playing! I've got a meme from May that I haven't done yet, so don't feel bad. :-)

Heather (aka Professor Mom®) said...

This may be a silly comment, but you mentioned photoshop. Did you know that you can get a smaller version at Best Buy for around $100? I know it's not exactly free, but is MUCH cheaper than the big daddy version. Anyway, it has been a lifesaver for me:-) Take care!

Anonymous said...

I also caught the mention of photoshop. Have you tried downloading GIMP? It is free and does a wonderful job. They just added some more new features. You just can't beat 'free':-)
Blessings and congratulations on the new little one!

beth said...

What a fun post! Thanks for tagging me, and I'll get mine up asap. ;-)

Sprittibee said...

Miss Jocelyn, no - I sprung that one on Chickie. She got a good laugh, though - and she told me it was 1967, not 66. :)

Dana - Thanks. :)

Sheri - OOOooo - give me your linky! My mom always says she was sick 9 months and 4 hours with me (she puked AFTER I was born, too - from the pain meds they gave her).

Christy - Ooooo give me the celebrity hair link!

Dianne - Yeah, I am a Trekkie, so that made me chuckle. Strange about your sugar pregnancy thing. Yeah, I think it was time for some fun stuff... mindless blogging at its best.

Dawn - :) I forgot to add caviar to #2 (FISH EGGS) - yuck. Yes, and I still have Sheila's meme to do (which is very similar to this one). I'll have to dig farther into the cobwebs of my brain (which is rapidly diminishing per this pregnancy) to gather up any more interesting information about myself...

Heather - I do have a few free programs, but not Photoshop. I'm saving my pennies for the real thing. But thanks for the tip! I'm sure that might help someone out there!

Anonymous - I tried Gimp once, but never really used it... I hear it is great. Thanks for reminding me about it.

Beth - Come back and link when you have yours done!



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