August 21, 2008

Sooo Tired


Sorry, but I just can't muster a coherent post tonight. Between my 9 year old's estrogen-induced mood swings, the gummy bear I'm pregnant with, and the school planning... this day is SO over. I won't have trouble falling asleep!

I did have some reminders for you, though... here they are...

Sprittibee's Reminders:

1.If you have a back-to-school list (or just any cool list you want to share, please link it to my linky on my list post. Say that five times fast!

2. Tomorrow (Friday the 22nd) is the last day to comment and win a free subscription to Scholastic StudyJams! Hop over and tell me about your back to school plans in the comments for the contest post!

3. Ann's post today is food for the mother's soul. Don't miss it.

4. Friendly reminder of the HSBA Swap deadlines: You should have mailed your swap gift by Aug. 16th... You should have your post up by August 23rd... and by September 7th, you need to email me the url of your post! Our next swap is September 14th. Hope you'll join us! It was such a blast. A picture of my swap gift from Lori is already up.

5. There are several memes and carnivals that you might want to get in on:

Carnival of Homeschooling is accepting posts until Monday evening - go visit Henry's to find out how to submit your latest homeschool related posts.

The HSBA began Homeschool Memoirs this week - the first post is all about YOU.

The Simple Woman's Daybook is a delightful meme. I haven't done it yet, but it is on my list!

If you would like a list of memes, carnivals and contests that other blogging mamas are having fun with, check out the HSBA's Hottest Carnivals page. We update it weekly. You might add this link to your bookmarks!

Have a good night... and a fun weekend. See you tomorrow after I've had some time to rest!

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beth said...

What a precious picture!
Thanks for the reminders. I missed the CM carnival, and actually could have had something... maybe I'll muster up something for the hs carnival. Who knows? Been thinking that I need to write more, and uas much as I hate them, some deadlines might be good for me. ;-)

Sisterlisa said...

Great photo of Mees Alees!

I have my swap gift and sent one to my buddy.

Sleep well Heather. Once the first trimester is over you'll have more energy.

HSB Suzanne said...

Bless you, Sprittibee! I pray you received peaceful rest.

That is a precious photo.

Thanks for your little list of reminders. You're well-organized!



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