February 28, 2009

Waiting on Baby - Random Weekend Update

Just in case you were checking in on me, I decided to post a quick update. Friday and Saturday have been crazy busy and I haven't had time to stop. Now that I'm the last one up after watching Father of the Bride Part 2 (because it is nice to see labor and delivery portrayed in an unrealistic light with no screaming and thrashing before you have to go through it yourself). So,... I thought I would throw away the tissues and spend a moment on the laptop before turning out the light.


My son went on his first youth retreat this weekend
... all of the sudden-like, with no warning (someone got sick and gave him their spot). I'm still pining away for him to come home. Thankfully it wasn't summer camp. Not sure I could endure 5 days or a whole week.

A sweet lady at church brought me a few frozen meals so I don't have to cook that much next week. Since the stairs and getting up and down are not so easy any more, I'm sooooo thankful for any help I can get.

Morgan spent the night with friends Friday and went to a tea party today. I managed to get a few last minute photos of the girls when we picked her up - but most of them had already abandoned their frilly dresses and tiaras. Another photo op missed!

I went with hubby to work today and got to see his office. I read most of the labor and delivery chapters in "What to Expect When You're Expecting". Even old dogs need to learn new tricks. I actually DID gain a neat tip. Refrigerated witch hazel pads. Who would have thought?! I plan on putting my jar in an ice cooler.

We broke down and bought our bassinet at Target tonight. My feet are swollen and I had a ton more contractions today then any day since I have been having them... but I was so glad to get out of the house. Kev set up the bassinet/playpen combo and we marveled at all the new contraptions ... it came with a vibrating, sound and music infant sleeping area and an infant changing pad with a daiper bag - complete with a spot for a box of wipes and everything. Gotta love that!

I cut my loooong nails off after breaking one today. Now the baby won't be butchered at diaper time.

I have a bruised rib where Mr. Bam Bam the Viking pummeled me today. Hope it heals up before I have to do my hospital duty. He's definitely not a weakling, this one.

I forgot to mail the swap gift - again. Oops.

I managed to stay off the computer for nearly 24 hours. Now that's a feat. Kev asked me today "Why would anyone want wifi in the hospital?" I couldn't believe he had to ask. Sometimes I forget that some people aren't as addicted to being online as I am.

Well, that's it. I'm still pregnant. I'll let you know if something changes in that department. I'm assuming that it won't be much longer now. If the baby measures over 8lbs. at the doctor Tuesday (most likely he will since he was 7.5 last week), she might up my due date to March 11th for induction. That's not even two weeks from now and I'll be at 37 weeks exactly.

I've been in a really introspective mood lately as I ponder what it will be like when a newborn enters our world. What an adjustment after 8 years out of diapers. We're about to have one extra bee in our bonnet. I'm praying he's fully developed when he arrives and able to breathe without any 'help'.

There's more news of NEWBIES over at the Homeschool Post. Don't miss our March giveaways, introductions, new topics, and the March/April Homeschool Swap.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Over and out... Mama Bee...

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Meesa said...

mr. bam bam! LOL! *choke*
I love you!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

I consider myself pretty addicted to the computer. I took my notebook to the computer, and never managed to have time to open it in the small amount of time I was a tthe hospital.



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