June 10, 1990

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Each time you visit, you can leave a comment after reading my daily post. To do this, simply click the "comments" link under the post and add your opinion/encouragement/criticism there. Comments are emailed to me by Blogger, so even if I don't log in to the blog, I will get them!

If you don't sign in to blogger and give them your email address, your comment will appear as an anonymous comment and I won't be able to email you back. I usually respond on my blog and you can check my responses then... and sometimes I'll even visit other blogs (yours) and leave a note there, too.

If you wish to email me apart from the comments section in this blog, you may do so at this email address:

longhorn dot bee at gmail dot com

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Some posts on this blog contain affiliate links or sponsored links. I receive a small commission whenever a product is purchased through an affiliate link. Sponsored links are paid for by a company who wishes to improve their Google ranking, but I always check to make sure these are reputable sites and never allow any links that are questionable to be placed.

The links in my "Sweet Linkage" section are either sponsored links or personal links that I find interesting (including the links to the blogs that both of my teen children run).

I occasionally run ads on my blog in exchange for money or traded advertising, or receive products in exchange for a review or giveaway posts. I also participate in campaigns by brands that offer to pay me to write about their products after using them. Any post that is sponsored will be noted as such. All opinions expressed on Sprittibee.com are my own, and any review, give-away, sponsored post, graphic ad, or product that I mention or link to are ones that I believe are reputable and worthy companies.


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