June 24, 2005


Boy, this is a blast from the past. Rather than spend time writing something new today, I thought I would bless this blog with a bit of poetry I wrote in the past. Some day when I get a scanner, I'll post the photo that I have with this in my scrapbook. It is a photo of my husband - when he was only 21... looking lovely as the wind blew through his hair on the balcony of a hotel at night. It is such a blessing to still be smitten by the one you married 13 or so years ago... God is good.
_ _________________________________________________ _

Top So high...
On top of this concrete mountain

The wind blowing through my hair -
Doesn't ask where my feet stand
The stars reflecting in my eyes -
Don't ask why I gaze at them
The moon hung in this velvet sky -
Doesn't ask why I'm up so late...

So small...
The tiny world sleeping below me

No one sees the silent smile on my lips
As I stand on top of the world

_ _________________________________________________ _
Update - next morning... took a photo of my photo to post it here:
(Aint he a looker?!)

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