June 11, 2005

Where Jesus lived...

Matthew 4:13 - Leaving Nazareth, he went and lived in Capernaum, which was by the lake in the area of Zebulun and Naphtali

What a wonderful experience! VBS was so fun. It was entitled "Hangin' in the Holy Lands - June 11, 30 A.D." It was very hot outside, and the live animals really added a lot. I lost an earing, and my sandals were too flat. My feet hurt now. I ate lots of fresh baked flat bread (made in a chimenea), and lots of cookies that were given out after the play. I am so glad I went back home for the camera.

Here is a photo of the ruins of the Jewish Temple in the REAL Capernaum today before you start... if only the stones could speak!

Here are some photos from the event. Enjoy!
My kids with a lady who directed the project... aren't they cute? Lineaus and Percephanies, the little Gentile children! We were pretending to be Romans.

The kids got bags of money when they signed in at the registration center. They could buy goods and trade things they bought also. Morgan's coins were gone within the first hour, and Kaden still has three in his bag he brought home! Hopefully we can be good teachers of how NOT to handle money, and hopefully soon we'll be like Kaden - with a little in savings! Here is the first stop on the tour - the TAX COLLECTOR! Ouch!

There was a jewlery shop with little bead bracelets for sale. Morgan spent most of her money here. She tried and tried to barter for an oil lamp at the pottery shop, but he kept insisting that it was his only lamp, and was not for sale!

Just outside the camp, there were lepers yelling "UNCLEAN!". The gaurds had to round them up and keep them from the village.

The Sea of Galilee never looked so dry! Must have been a toxic spill, as the fish were all bobbing at the top of the water, lifeless! Never-the-less, the fishermen talked to us and made lots of funny jokes. I got bit by a fire ant at the shore. I didn't know they had fire ants in Galilee! Here's a photo of Kevin ("Marcus" the Roman Statesman, my husband) talking with a fisherman...

Here is a photo of the real sea of Galilee as it may look even today:

Here's a photo of me with a chicken. Very sweet chicken, might I add! Too bad they taste so good smothered in apricot glaze!

And here's a great photo of the kids - who had such a blast today. Aren't they cute little Gentiles? They could pass for Hebrews also... I'm just glad they're mine!

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Anonymous said...

What a cool VBS! I especially love the chicken.
Keep strong in the faith. We're praying that the house sells soon.

Gale said...

Our church is doing a Galilee themed VBS this year. Last year we did Nazareth. So fun!

I'm working on a web-page of decorating tips for decorating for this type of Bible Land themed event. It will be something like these pages I did after our last VBS...



I was wondering if I could have permission to use one or two of the pictures you show here if I credit them back to you and your blog, and link back to this post?




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