July 02, 2005

4th of July Weekend


Nothing interesting today - just wanted to drop in and let everyone know I was on vacation visiting family for the weekend. Morgan (my 6 year old little girl) got her ears pierced today at the mall. She was so brave. Her cousins and a few friends have done it recently, and she was too scared up until now to try. Before she would do it, she wanted me to go first. So, I got some tiny CZ studs put in my ear right above the earings I already wear. No big deal, although it did sting a bit. My mom did the same for me when I was 12. I told my mom I wouldn't do it unless I saw that she could handle it... misery loves company! So, Morgan and I both are wearing matching CZ earings, and we continued a family tradition that my mom started so many years ago. I told Morgan that she could get hers done again when she takes her daughter to get earings some day. It reminded me of how fast time goes by - and how much I need to cherish these moments while they are here. Kids are such a blessing.

I'll be back in to finish the "Feet Series" on Monday or Tuesday. In the mean time, if someone wants to give me tips on how to add streaming video or music to my site, I'd love it. I'm HTML illiterate. I have a video clip of my kitten sitting in front of the computer screen trying to 'catch' the mouse as it moves across the screen. Poor thing - she's home alone for the first time.

Have a safe and super holiday weekend - for those of you in the US of A. Thank God for our freedoms (those we have left). I have a quote back at home saved on my PC about how no one's life and liberty are safe while the legislation is in session. BOY is that right. The stuff going on in our government makes my hair on my neck stand up. Prayers for our country have never been more needed. Thanks to all of you who are visiting and checking in. Leave me a comment so I'll know you came by.

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