July 21, 2005

Blogosphere Belittlement

In case some of you out there that don't blog are reading my site (all 6 of you), I would like to explain what the Ecosystem is. The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem is a website that scans blogs and sees how many blogs link to your site. It is a way of ranking your blog in "importance" by how many people have a link to your blog on their site.

They have cute little names for the "food chain" of bloggers that rank you in order of animal/creature name. Here is the order that the rankings go:

1. Higher Beings
2. Mortal Humans
3. Playful Primates
4. Large Mammals
5. Marauding Marsupials
6. Adorable Rodents
7. Flappy Birds
8. Slithering Reptiles
9. Crawly Amphibians
10. Flippery Fish
11. Slimy Molluscs
12. Lowly Insects
13. Crunchy Crustaceans
14. Wiggly Worms
15. Multicellular Microorganisms
16. Insignificant Microbes

Today, I graciously accept a demotion from Slithering Reptile to Crawly Amphibian. Ha! So that means, I'm basically talking to myself in here! :) That's OK. I've always been a bit on the crazy side anyway. "And I'm Ok. And I'm Ok..."

I'll be back in on Monday to post again. Enjoy your weekend! I am making some pickled okra tonight with Uncle Joe, hopefully - and will get the secret recipe for it over to the Gathering Manna site soon (due to repeated request from Christi!). Happy belated birthday to you, Christi! I'll be sure and add the Cowboy Beans also... maybe tonight or tomorrow before we head out of town. Have a super weekend, and keep our house situation in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

That explains why we get along so well! I've always had an affinity for amphibians.

Rob Neppell said...

It just means you've got a long and prosperous career of 'evolution' ahead of you!

Anonymous said...

At least you're not an insignificant microbe. Like me. :-)

Sprittibee said...

Thanks for commenting - nice to know I'm not alone in here every once in a while. :) I look forward to some 'macro-evolution' of the blogging sort... as I do believe that the physical sort would never happen!

And... Don't worry Eric - N.Z. Bear's comment can apply to you as well!



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