July 26, 2005

Busy as a Bee


Quote of the day:
"English doesn't borrow from other languages.
English follows other languages down dark alleys,
knocks them over, and goes through their pockets
for loose grammar."
- Author Unknown

The quote has nothing to do with my short little post today, but I got it in my email box this morning from a friend, and had to pass it on. I'm buried under piles of paperwork and receipts that need to be entered into our checkbook software today... and a long list of things I need to get done. I'm sure my monthly bank statement will be waiting on me in my post office box today, also, and it will need reconciling. I've got to stop off and pay a few pressing bills and get a few necessary groceries, also.

The realtor has left me with another list of to-dos.... make a wreath for the door, paint the door black, pull out three overgrown and ugly lantana bushes from the flower bed on the front porch (which my next door neighbor has graciously agreed to do for me this afternoon), weed the flower bed, hang two light fixtures, find someone to help sew drapes/curtains/valances, buy a few hanging plants and hang them up on the porch, replace the lantanas with ornamental grasses and flowering shrubs or roses... and I'm certain that some time today I'll have to meet up with my swiffer and broom in the kitchen for a date.

But, even with my list of things to get done, I'm determined to make some time to sit down and have some time with the Lord... time to read, study, and reflect on His Word... and pray. I've been reading The Power of a Praying Wife, The Power of a Praying Parent, and a few other devotional books and keeping track of my prayers in a journal. All this takes quite a bit of time (but it's so worth it!), and I've been slacking quite a bit lately... so I'm going to get back on track today. It is amazing how the rest of your day falls in place when you put the Lord first.

I actually wrote that post this morning after breakfast... (my cable connection went down before I could post it and was down all day)...

...I'm way behind schedule on everything after a grueling bunch of desk-work... so the kids and I are going to treat ourselves to popcorn and a movie tonight - Mommy needs some cuddle time! Enjoy your babies! They are such a blessing! God is good - even in the chaos that makes up our lives. He sustains us.


shontell said...

dont you hate how much money it costs you to just make a little more money off your house when you move? this reasoning is beyond me. they are cahooters, i am sure of it!
i just noticed your blog link on the bottom of the KONOS list and thought i would check you out. you are funny. :)
good to know you.

AJ said...

Hey, thanks for the English language quote. Very funny. :)

Interestingly enough, my mom, who homeschooled me, also used KONOS. Small world.

(If you care to join the VRP, we'd welcome you with open arms.)



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