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On a completely silly note, I read a cute post by Carol at Carol's Storybook about her family's sayings: Click here to see her post. Every family has their own humor and silly quotes, so I thought I would try and gather a few of ours in one spot and make a list, also. It will be nice to have one day for the kids to look at - long after we have forgotten some of these sayings that are popular for the moment. So, if you have some funny sayings and you are a blogger at heart - go ahead and TAG yourself and make out your own list. Send me a link in my comments so I can check out your list.

What made me think of this, is not only Carol's post, but some funny things Kev and I were talking about yesterday. We have long been presidential 'Saturday Night Live' watchers. We only watch the ones pertaining to elections, and re-runs of the less tacky stuff on a few videos we have. I love election humor. Especially the Clinton and Bush stuff. So I thought I would also include my favorite nonsense words that Bush has coined since he took office.

The word Bushism, no doubt will soon be added to the English dictionary. It will be defined as “a sentence spoken with wrong syntaxes or omitted words, so as to convey a different meaning (sometimes hilarious), yet the original, intended meaning is understood without difficulty. The objective of the speaker is clear.”
– Neria Harish Hebbar, MD (October 10, 2004) as found on IndiaNest.com.

Here are some of my favorite Bushisms:

  • Hispanically - done in a Hispanic way?

  • Hispanos - many Hispanic people?

  • nucular - of or pertaining to a nuclear war or weapon

  • suiciders - suicide bombers

  • pre-decease - die early*

  • misunderestimate - mistakenly underestimate

  • strategery - effective strategy

  • embetterment - the opposite of embitterment/to improve your condition

  • WMD - woepons of mass destruction (not actually from Bush, but the spin doctors maybe?)

Of course, some of us are not as smart as our ivy-league, college educated president. I discovered on the net this interesting factoid about one of the above *isms*:

"Predecease" is not a Bushism. According to Black's Law Dictionary, it is a legal term meaning, "To die before another person."

Go figure!

Here are some of my favorite *isms* that we say in our family:

  • Nope. You can't make me! - Usual response when I ask Kev to check my blog out after I've posted.

  • Ack-er-mer-dink - Accident

  • Chick-a-fied - made girlish (or a person wearing a lot of pink)

  • Crackadon - before the sun rises (we also call this the Crackerbarrel, Morgan's baby talk that stuck)

  • Pop a Cap - affectionately jest that you'll be shot if you don't comply

  • Crackinal - Capitol (Kaden's baby talk that stuck)

  • Just Barely - recently (from a neighbor of ours once)

  • For Real? - honestly? (from the same neighbor)

  • air biscuit - a fart that hangs in the air and leaves a smelly cloud

  • floating on estrogen - PMS (wild mood-swings and lots of crying for no reason)

  • Dush - A Czech slang word that fills in for the American "Uh..."

  • sita - we add this to lots of words to indicate a fondness for that particular person or thing (ie. Mingasita - my cute little cat Minga)

  • twit - nickname for our cat when she's misbehaving ("twitty kitty")

  • snott - nickname for our cat when she's misbehaving ("you little snott")

  • money nazi - what my husband calls me when I do the checkbook

  • Igumpie - I'm grumpy (Morgan's baby talk that stuck)

  • Vomit Volcano - a baby that spits a lot

  • 4 Deep - having 4 people in a vehicle ("She's ridin' 4 Deep")

  • Lizard Mama - another nickname I have because I catch lizards and geckos when I see them

  • Dinosaur - any lizard we catch ("What a cute little Dinosaur")

  • Freaky Freak - a person who is freaking-out, or the act of freaking out (going crazy)

  • Coolie-Cool, Jazzy Jeff - Heather's weird slang word that can be used interchangeably with Groovy or Cool

  • Funkified - Messed up

  • Snickerdoodle - wonderful greasy sugar cookies with cinnamon and sugar coating/cute little kids

  • church hopping - going from church to church because you are not happy where you are

  • dingleberry - something yuck hanging on the fur/hind-end of a cat who's just used the litter box

  • Buckees - Starbucks

  • Scumbag - the person who takes the last Oreo from the package without telling you

  • Turkey - nickname for Pawpaw (also Pavo Grande)

  • Old Buzzard - nickname for Uncle Woodie

  • Naner - nickname for Nana (or Ma)

  • Longjohn - nickname for Papa John

Phrases we repeat randomly that we got from TV/Movies/Radio:"wrote a song about it, like ta hear it? here it go..." - In Living Color
"she just stepped in a big puddle of SASSY!" - Phil Hartman
"Take a pill G, but I can't B, cuz somebody's try'n ta kill me!" - some retarded rap song
"Best not be HALF-Steppin'" - no idea where this came from, but we say it all the time!
"Smigel loves the precious" - Lord of the Rings (Smigel is another nickname of mine because I squish on animals)
"I want to love it and hug it and kiss it for my very own" - Looney Toons, Elmira (Acme Acres)
"Do not feed my god peanuts." - Simpsons
"You F-R-R-E-A-K!" - Madagascar

Phrases from our idiot years (teen):
"Are your friends cool? Do you dance cool? Well, that's cool. ROCK OUT!!!"
Many other phrases can not be repeated here on a CHRISTIAN website. Those were our PRE-Jesus years.

Phrases we say to the kids that come from various places:"Kaden! Kaden Michael! King of the Wild Frontier!" - sang to the tune of Davey Crocket
"I like to eat, I like to eat, I like to eat on Kaden and Morgan!" - sung to the tune of Apples & Bananas
"apple pie belly"
Mishka - one of Morgan's nicknames
Boogar - a term of endearment
Boogar Pickers - our family (because of the photo we took in this post)
"blondie-lox" - a silly blonde (used often in reference to Morgan and her daddy)

Other random phrases:"Life is a stage and we are the actors - and I'm not getting paid" - Grandpa B
"Over yonder" - Big Pawpaw
"pissapouri" - Mawmaw (potpourri)
"HI-LO!" - Chickie
"Yeah, but it was a good miss." - Pawpaw (Come-back for "Did you miss me?")
"Not if I see you first." - Pawpaw (Comeback for "See you"/Goodbye)
"Are you on drugs?" (Are you crazy?)
"Prosti-Tot" - funny name for trashy kids clothing (from a homeschool friend)
"Hoochie-Mama Shoes" - tacky or trashy shoes (like one of the frayed denim rhinestone clog pairs I wear in summer)
"Fake-n'-Bake" - self tanning cream
"Snail Mail" - US Postal Service


Anonymous said...

Love the "isms." Chuck is famous among his co-workers for having a bunch of them. I'll have to record our list, too.

Anonymous said...

I am laughing SO hard Heather!! I haven't heard the Elmira line in YEARS...."over yonder" and "pissapouri" either. Those are so funny. These phrases must be genetic, because I use a lot of the same ones. LOL

Anonymous said...

I saw this a couple of weeks ago... but that was before we had hi-speed!! LOL Now I can comment!

Cute picture! You guys have so much fun!
Best wishes on the contest!

Anonymous said...

LOL! You're so funny... geesh!



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