July 07, 2005

Lazy Lurker, Prayers and a Medieval Feast

I worked today at my "real" job - you know, the one I get paid for. I've been doing contract work during the summer to help make ends meet while we wait on the house to sell. Commuting is expensive. I'm working tomorrow, also. I think the assignment is coming to an end, but it is always nice to have some extra money in your pocket to pay bills. Needless to say, I really don't have the energy to post the rest of the foot series, but I have really enjoyed lurking lately on other bloggers' sites, and I uploaded my Medieval Feast menu (recipes) for anyone who's interested at my other blog. Here's the link: Gathering Manna

Here are some other posts I enjoyed this week:

GOOBLATT All Over the Van by Obstreperous Heart - Quips and Essays from A Recovering Rebel

101 Things to Do During the Summer by MJ's This and That

Smells Like Church Spirit #2.5 by Home Front - BLOG of Chris Gonzalez
(Faith - Church - Marriage - Family)

New York man turns down prize because of greedy Uncle Sam by JackLewis.net

Some things we are praying for:

  • Rain

  • Our house to sell

  • London (Ian and Kat, are you both OK?)

  • Iraq and those trying to re-build and police there (and other countries where persecution, tsunami, war, famine, and catastrophe have claimed lives and made life harder for people)

  • Israel

  • Our Nation (America)

  • Kate and Josh

  • Wanda

  • Christi and Paula

  • Daddy to get home safe tomorrow

  • My mom and lots of other family members

  • ... and all you Blog-lurkers out there!


Anonymous said...

I would say we got the rain, wouldn't you??


Sprittibee said...

Yes, Deb! We did! That was a quick answer. Our grass is looking really brittle and brown lately! Prayers for your trip and the paperwork!

Anonymous said...

You don't need to pray for Israel. It has the best weaponry available and obviously feels unconstrained from using it against Palestinian civilians...

Anonymous said...

I'm fine Heather, thanks; although if my dentist had given me the appointment I had asked for I could very well have been on one of the trains which got hit.

If Hitler couldn't break us by saturation bombing day and night for six years, a few miserable terrorists certainly won't. God does not love those who preach a message of hatred, and kill people instead of healing them. We need to pray for those many poor ordinary muslims who have only ever been taught Satan's gospel.

Sprittibee said...

Glad to see you're in one piece, Ian!

We pray for Muslims, Hindis, Bhuddists, and all other religions a lot - I know that a religion or a person is not my enemy. The real enemy is the prince of darkness who fights against God's agenda.

We pray for those in Palestine, also. I don't agree with bloodshed - whether it be martyrdom, senseless violence, or whatever... God is a God of peace. He sees no color or creed - only children who desperately need a savior.



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